The Mice in the new tv series on Rai 3, with Antonio Albanian: the complete storyline of the six episodes


Published on Oct 04, 2018


With a little delay comes on Rai 3, but first on Rai Play, the new tv series by and with Antonio Albanese. Mice is an all-Italian product that tells the story of the fugitives who are trying to live a “normal” life while they hide to not be caught. Obviously, this is an ironic interpretation of that which is the condition of a fugitive, told with sarcasm, and also so surreal Albanian, who is also the protagonist of the series. The Mice landed on Saturday evening on Rai 3, but is already available online on the platform RaiPlay.

Who are the mice? The mice are the mafia modern and fugitives, hiding from the forces of law and order, often are much closer to what you might think of but can't find. Six episodes, produced by Raifiction with Wildside, available today online at RaiPlay which then will be aired from 6 October 2018. The protagonist is Sebastian (Albanian), a man narrow-minded, the head of a family consisting of a wife, Anna (Lorenza Indovina), henpecked and petty, the son, seventeen-year-old Benni (by Andrea Colombo) who dreams of becoming a chef, his daughter Carmen (Michela De Rossi), who is studying at the university, aunt Vincenza (Clelia Piscitello) fierce scommettitrice and uncle Vincenzo (Tony Sperandeo), happily autorecluso twelve years in the bunker, where he cultivates a single passion: to listen to Isoradio.

Watching the six episodes of this series, one immediately understands that the intent is to tell in an ironic way, the condition in which many bosses, real, live. A playful spirit that offers so surreal, a split that really does exist. Recently we have seen series such as the history of Italian, a totally different register. The life of the boss series is much more easy: enter and exit from the tunnel with great simplicity, it is also in the middle of the street without anyone suspecting anything. All the “stereotypes” that are unfortunately real, are all told in this series marcandoli.

The Mice is definitely a series not very challenging, in the sense that it requires a particular attention to the narrative of the content, but invites us to reflect on the lives of many of the fugitives who decide to make a life from mice, a non-life.

Not to be underestimated, the figure of Anne, the wife of the boss. Often the stories of the chronicle, have told the story of great women who have managed to protect until the death of their husbands as fugitives from justice, without ever making a mistake, a stroke, or without telling a word too. The wife of Sebastian, instead, thinks he is clever but in reality often do not understand what is the husband, that neither is it a type so brilliant, he asked. The woman does not even know to speak well in Italian, but thought to be particularly intelligent.

Sebastian is a fugitive who spends his days hidden in a house in the North of Italy protected by cameras, alarms, fences and bunkers.To not end up in prison and continue his trade, the man condemns so himself, and his family's life imprisoned in the shadows, just like the rats of the sewers.

Directed By Antonio Albanese
Interpreters, Antonio Albanese, Nicola Rignanese, Lorenza Indovina, Tony Sperandeo, Michela De Rossi, Andrea Colombo, Clelia Piscitello

We tell you then everything that happens in the series Mice. If you don't want to read a preview of what will be broadcast on Rai 3, do not continue!

The first episode begins with a family lunch is a grilled but in the home, with the windows closed, and the women complain about the stink. Sebastiano is the head of the family, and you compare or rather clashes, with the daughter and the son. Does not want at the table you are mobile and want there to be the utmost respect for him. Sin that this first moment of silence in the narrative is interrupted by a budgerigar in a cage. Not to be disturbed, the man opens the cage and makes him fly away. After the canary, however, he began to play the cell phone of the aunt, he decides to respond despite the prohibition of the boss. The woman does not speak, however, with her friend on the phone, but makes a bet.

The peace momentary stops when you hear an intercom. The boss should run away in his bunker to hide. Waiting for him in the bunker there is also the uncle, however, does not want to climb in the house. Sebastian is called by his wife in the house, it was the cuniculo and is all full of cobwebs. The lunch can start.

The family thinks of the tests to be done to discover the health conditions of his uncle. Should be taken care of but uncle Vincent does not want to come out from the tunnel. It seems that you do not love the family Calamaru. This family is called the “ricchiuni” because they speak correctly in Italian, and eat the meat with the cutlery. The intercom sounds again, and Sebastian is back in the bunker.

The uncle in the tunnerl does is complain and listen to the radio. The boyfriend of Carmela came to take the girl. The young man did not like it very much to the family because he wants to study and go to university. Meanwhile, out of the house, it is celebrated the procession. The Lady wears jewelry and pora fur. Stops right in front of the house of Sebastian with a sort of bow. The man then asks the wife to scold the priest. The bosses are also coming in of the pizzini to interpret. The son of Sebastian asks information about the other boss that working with his father.

The son of Sebastiano does not appear to have anything to do with the family of the boss. She is fluent in Italian, make smoothies you can reach the lively, it is just the typical guy in the North of Italy...When Carmela returns home he has on the neck a hickey. The girl wants to be called Carmen and is said to be engaged with the male child of the family Calamaru. Sebastian explains to her daughter the reasons why she can not stay with that guy: the family Calamaru looking for it for years uncle. The boss must get out of the house and dresses up for it. The fugitive dressed as a woman prepares to meet his accomplices.

Sebastian, however, does not go by the accomplices, goes to the cemetery by his mother. He speaks of the choice of Carmela to marry a Calamaru. From the grave mark, however, is an accomplice, it is all staged to speak with the man who lives hidden in the cemetery. The conversation moves in the bunker of the other fugitive. They decide to take a tour and meet different people all hidden in various bunkers.

Among other things, in front of Sebastian and opens a closet full of meats and sausages.

In the second episode of the series, The Mice, Sebastian would come into the house, but the bunker does not work then his wife has to call someone to fix everything. The boss then do not go back in his bunker by his uncle Vincenzo.

The blacksmith arrives home and doesn't even want to be paid, he realizes that he is in the house of a fugitive. The aunt, meanwhile, continues to bet. Anna tells her husband that can climb. The woman thinks that there are bed bugs put by the carpenter, and his intuition seems to be right. The family then finds himself in the bunker of his uncle to talk about what is going on.

Anna explains that it is cleared only to make a coffee and perhaps in that moment the man put the tars. The family organizes a plan.

The first episode of " The Mice will be aired on October 6, 2018 at 21,40 on Rai 3. Each episodes lasts for about mezzo'now.

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