The message of Joseph the Count on the first of may: “I have read your requests, I will consider your advice”


Published on May 01, 2020


On the day of the feast of the workers, a first of may that has never been so difficult and intense to live, Giuseppe Conte spoke to the Italian, and does so with a long message on the social. The Premier explains that he has read the letters of those who in these days has decided to make proposals, to trust, fears and fears. The letters that have come to the Premier and from which to draw the inspiration.

And here are the words of the Premier in his message for the first of may, 2020, that comes from the social:

“The world of work is put to the test. Many live with anxiety and concern this emergency, between tasks that are closed and job prospects at risk. Many, during the most acute phase of this emergency, have worked in hospitals, on the streets or in the office to ensure support, aid, security and essential goods. More than 4 million return to work Monday thanks to the first results of the containment measures: employees, workers and workers that they can trust in the application of rigid security protocols, on which we will be intransigent.“

The Premier in his message says it has taken note of the letters and messages received and writes: “I have read some of your letters, I tried to dress up your clothes, and I felt all of the weight.I appreciated the letter to Elizabeth that has an activity to beautician in Pomezia. Like so many other of her colleagues wrote to me to return to work in safety, determined to avoid any form of employment in the black. I read with interest the solutions proposed by Luciana, that from Turin told me about her passion for food, a craft he learned after a long apprenticeship in the suburbs with a long list of tips to share as soon as possible, with various measures to protect the health. I felt the passion of Tonino for his barber shop, which is open to Power in 1978, the attachment to the tools of the trade: scissors, razor. I am sure that, with the respect of the rules adopted, in some territories you will be able to considerably slow down the curve of the infection. And his career might raise before it is scheduled to the gate: if we lower the risk of contracting the virus, and we respect the security protocols, so many customers return to get their hair cut without being blocked by fear.“

And again: “The State, as well as all of the workers, has never found himself facing a health threat and economical as this. In the last 50 days we have had to put in place a financial effort equal to that of entire budgetary manoeuvres carried out within a period of 2 or 3 years. Many have received support, others will receive in the next few days. We have worked to the maximum in order to restart to full running, the engine of the State, because this powerful public support was put into effect in a few days: there have been and still continue some delays in the sums to be disbursed, as well as complicated is proving to be the match of the funding. I apologize on behalf of the Government, and I assure you that we will continue to press that payments and funding is complete as soon as possible. Is to detail a new measure with the aid and measures for the resumption of economic that will be heavier, faster, more direct.“

He concludes thus: “I shall Not do pretend not to hear your advice, your stress, your anger, your anguish. Do not fall in a vacuum, are not words in the wind. Rather, the wind that pushes more strongly the action of the Government. I think it is the only way to honor this day, this 1st of may.“

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