The massacre in Texas, the FBI makes a mistake and makes it more difficult to unlock the iPhone of the bomber


Published on Nov 09, 2017


From the United States arriving new information on the investigation of the massacre that occurred in Texas last Sunday, when Patrick Kelley has killed 26 people by shooting the inside of a baptist church. And’ news today that the smartphone that the FBI fails to unlock is an iPhone.

Reuters response that the FBI has committed a crucial mistake in an attempt to unlock the iPhone used by the bomber responsible for the massacre. In practice, the investigators have not asked for help to Apple to unlock the iPhone protected with Touch ID and password, but have waited 48 hours, making unlocking by fingerprint virtually useless.

The iPhone of David Kelley has been sent to the laboratories of the FBI at Quantico in Virginia, after the local authorities had not been able to unlock it. As explained by Reuters, in the first 48 hours of the incident, Apple has not received any communication from the FBI, not even to request general info on how to unlock the iPhone. Over the past 48 hours, in addition, the system of the Touch ID it disables automatically, making it mandatory to enter the password to unlock the device.

If only the FBI had asked for help to Apple, the company would recommended to use your fingerprint to Kelley, now deceased, to unlock the iPhone. Now, instead, the company can not do anything. This delay may be crucial to the investigation, given that now it becomes much more complex access to the data on the iPhone.

At a regulatory level, there are different opinions in the USA about the possibility of using the fingers of a dead person to unlock his device. Basically, Texas courts have always allowed transactions of this type.

At the moment it is not clear if the FBI has already asked Apple to deliver the iCloud data of the bomber. In these cases, when the company receives a formal order from then also provides all the data on iCloud, as well as the tools needed to decriptarli.

Apple has also released a statement regarding the device used by the would-be assassin:

We are shocked and sad for everything that happened in Texas last Sunday, and we join in the pain of the family and the whole community for the loss of their loved ones.

Our team immediately contacted the FBI, after having learned from a press conference Tuesday that investigators were trying to unlock the smartphone of the attacker. We have offered assistance and we told them that we would have accelerated our response to any formal request received.

We work every day with the forces of law and order, and we offer training to thousands of agents, in order to facilitate investigation on our devices.

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