The masked man by the Joker arrested in California


Published on Jul 23, 2019


In the past few days, the police in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, have arrested a man who wore a mask of the Joker, which had repeatedly attracted the attention of the forces of law and order by extending from the roof of his moving vehicle, and by making obscene gestures.

After a long chase in the car the man was arrested for reckless driving; it is surrendered to the California Highway Patrol on the beach, after abounded all the car.

The mask seems to be one of those included in the package of collected volume of the Batman: Death of the Family Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

The movie Joker will be released in cinemas on the 4th of October:

The film “Joker” of the Warner Bros. Pictures is interpreted by the candidate to the academy award® - winning Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, alongside Oscar® winner Robert De Niro, and directed, produced and co-written by the Oscar-nominated® Todd Phillips.
“Joker” is centered on the figure of the iconic villain and is an original story in and of itself, never appeared on the big screen. The exploration of the Phillips Arthur Fleck (Phoenix), a man ignored by society, is not only a study of raw character, but also a larger story that aims to leave a teaching, an admonition.

The masked man by the Joker arrested in California is




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