The Mask: the creator would take a reboot to the female


Published on Jul 06, 2019


The editor of Dark Horse, Mike Richardson, co-creator of The Mask, says that he has in mind an actress for a potential reboot, suggesting that – like Jim Carrey – the part would require a character of talent. Richardson does not do any name, but it seems that the actress is rather popular. But if Todd McFarlane has managed to convince Jamie Foxx to Spawn, because it might not happen?

The original film The Mask was released in the cinema in 1994, seven years after the first story that introduced the mythology of the character. Jim Carrey, just back from Ace Ventura and the peak of his career in the ’90s, she starred in the hero of the film, alongside Cameron Diaz, in her film debut. The film was successful enough to generate a sequel animated and, years after, a sequel (perhaps you could forget). The fans, however, have always wanted a character more dark and violent, as in the comics, often playing on the absurdity of the ultraviolenza juxtaposed to the comedy (in the style of Deadpool).

“I'd like to see a real and good comedy [in the role],” said Richardson, in Forbes, “I have one in mind, but I will not say his name. We need to do much convincing with her, but we'll see... you never know what will happen in the future. We have some ideas”.

The powers of the character come from a form of the supernatural, but those powers come at a price, pushing the hero to madness and some of the more interesting stories in the comics came when a new face he had to wear the mask and face different challenges that the form entails.

“I wish there was another movie about a person that has to do with the absolute power,” added Richardson. “The entire theme at The base of The Mask is what we all say we would do if we had absolute power, just like Stanley Ipkiss”.

In the era of the reboot, perhaps to the feminine, The Mask may be a welcome return.

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