The marriage of David Tresse and Georgette Polizzi in the air on Real Time in the early evening


Published on Nov 06, 2019


Do not stop dreaming in the sereta Real Time dedicated to the wedding! Not only Marriage at first sight, not only to dress the bride wanted, not only the Castle of ceremonies...You dream with a wedding true! Will be aired in prime time on the Real Time also the marriage of Georgette Polizzi and David Tresse who are about to celebrate two months from you! The two also, after the beautiful ceremony that we will also see on the Real Time, they became husband and wife in a civil ceremony in the town, even if for the occasion, the Polizzi chose not to wear the new white dress.

But let's find out some more details with this event in the early evening on the Real Time.

The special is entitled The Marriage of Georgette and David, and we will show you everything that happened on the day of the marriage of the couple who participated in Temptation Island. The two after that experience you are tied even more, in spite of the crisis and obstacles. Then to David and Georgette are another obstacle to overcome: the disease of the beautiful designer. Georgette, in fact, more than a year fighting with multiple sclerosis that has changed your life.

The greatest fear of Georgette for the day of his wedding was not to be ready to get from his David without a wheelchair, but, as we shall see also in the special dedicated to the wedding day, everything went very well. Of course, a lot of the emotions and the tears in a day that Georgette and David, have awaited with great anticipation.

And also great happiness of all present, that have lived a sweet love story thanks to the very strong bond that there is between David and Georgette. “When you choose a man for life, a true love, the emotion is so strong that you can not don't cry,” said Polizzi in the promo of the special one dedicated to her wedding. Then prepare the tissues...

But when will be aired the special at this wedding? The event is scheduled for Thursday, November 7, 2019 on the Real Rhymes at 22,10.

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