The marriage of Cristina Chiabotto and Marco Rocio: the day yesterday in La (PHOTOS)


Published on Sep 22, 2019


He said that the day would come soon but he had spoken of the end of the month of September. And instead of Cristina Chiabotto has “cheated” all her and Marco Rocio were married on the 21st of September at Venaria, in the province of Turin. To show the first wedding photos on social was the same Cristina Chiabotto who made the first dedication of love to her husband on the social scene with a sweet phrase. And of course as happens in these cases, in a matter of hours, the photos have made the rounds of social! After 12 years of love with Fabio Fulco, Cristina Chiabotto has burnt all the steps speeding up and marrying his Marco Rocio after only a year of attendance. An overwhelming love that Cristina and Marco are living and living. So strong as to lead them to swear eternal love in front of God. After the bachelorette party, so here are the photos of the wedding of Cristina and Marco, radiant in the day of their wedding.

For the day, the bride and groom have chosen a place of the heart of Cristina, the ceremony was held in the church of St. Hubert at Venaria, in the presence of 400 guests.

As we said previously, it's been Christina to share with all the people who follow the joy of this great day. And he did it by posting a beautiful photo: exit in the church of the bride and groom with the bouquet in hand, in the classical time of the launch of the rice. And chose a sweet phrase for this photo:

September 21, 2019. That is one thing.

The Chiabotto could not appear more radiant so in the traditional white dress, with delicate lace inserts and a bouquet of white flowers. And the rest as you can not be happy on the day you married the man with whom you want to share the rest of life?

We do our most sincere wishes to the couple wishing them only happiness.

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