The Manufacturer of Spectra – A novel halfway between history and the paranormal


Published on May 31, 2019


The Manufacturer of spectra is a historical fantasy between necromancy and plots, where the stakes are the fate of Europe!

“Vade retro!” cried Father Gonzalo approaching the apparition. Joined his hands on the dagger and leaned against the silver crucifix, brandendolo and then together with the gun steel as if it were a cross. “Vade retro, Satan!”

The spectrum was on him in a moment, volteggiandogli around as a bridesmaid that wants to invite his companion to the dance.

“Your iron is not good, monk,” he muttered, the Sea Witch, her voice similar to the cries of the survivors dragged from the seas of the world, the cries of mothers, to the cries of the infants. He laid his hand on the hilt of the dagger and pressed it down, rivolgendogliela without effort against the belly. Then, with a thrust just as strong, stuck the blade deep into the meat, go and fix it while agonized, with those shadows blank that he kept on the face instead of the eyes. “And I am not Satan”.

It is done! It is done! It is done!

After a gestation period of a little more than expected, arrives in bookstores throughout Italy with my third novel, The Manufacturer of Spectra, published in the series Dana RW Editions. The ones that bring the comics Batman and Superman in Italy, those who have already published in the same series of fiction Neil Gaiman, Westerfield, and some good Italian author counted on the tips of the fingers of one hand.

The manufacturer of spectra is a historical novel stands alone and is not connected to any other of my history or role-playing game. It is not part of the World of the Macabre, nor has to do with the Last Forsan, Tropicana, or Imago Mortis RPG, EVEN IF the theories and aspects of the paranormal de The manufacturer of the spectra are the same as on the Imago Mortis RPG, which is set in the present day. As if to say that both titles share our material reality and historical, and the same imaginary paranormal that will underlies it.

Here is the fourth cover:

Europe 1571. The battle of the three empires between the Venetians, the Spaniards and the Turks is about to burst. Cyprus has fallen, the armies of the sultan came up to Vienna and the pirates dominate the Mediterranean.

In this immense field of battle moves Bartimaeus Beretta, inventor, gunsmith, and scaramante, the only one capable of stopping the mysterious conspiracy that winds its way to Europe. To the east, in fact, someone is infesting the courts of the spectra of the terrible and dangerous: it will be only him to be able to stop, with the science, the action and the reason, a plot that threatens to drag into the war, even the souls of the dead.

In the background, so many men and women engaged in the plots and specialized in treason: and many ways of preparing coffee.

The manufacturer of the spectra is full of characters and historical events, but there will be time to talk about it in the future. The same “manufacturer of spectra” that inspires the title is a character really existed, the Genspenstermacher, a strange “quack” that ran to Europe centuries ago. And also the protagonist, Bartimaeus, Beretta, bears the name of an extraordinary family of gunsmiths that still today continues the family tradition, begun in the ‘500.

Many are the insights that I have in mind for this volume: from the Battle of Lepanto the secret of the the tomb of Dracula, from mixtures of gunpowder that they used in the ‘500 to those of the coffee, which was spreading in those years in Vienna and in Turkey.

If you will stay tuned to this channel, we will talk about it for a long time still.

Before closing, I wish to specifically and sincerely thank some people who helped me in the realization of theory and practice of this novel: Benjamin Sidoti, who has created with me and oversaw the editing of the book; Barbara Ferraro, who has worked on a lot, paving the typos with the asfaltatrice; Germano “Hell " Greco”, who advised me and helped enormously in the early phase of writing; Marina Manganaro, who inspired me to start again when I had lost half of the novel (please, don't ask).

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