The manga Bakemonogatari Oh! Great comes in the climax


Published on Jul 11, 2019


Weekly Shonen Magazine announces that the transposition manga of the novels in the original Bakemonogatari to NisiOisin and Vofan by Oh! Great (Air Gear, Hell and Heaven) will come in the final part, on the number 33 of the magazine published by Kodansha, on sale from 17 July, in the bookstores of Japan.

The manga is being serialized on Weekly Shonen Magazine in March 2018; and the sixth volume will be released in Japan on July 17.

The novel in the two volumes of Bakemonogatari opened in 2006, the long literary saga Monogatari; in 2009, the director Akiyuki Shinbo (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) has a direct transposition animated by the studio Shaft (A March by the Lions), which is widespread in streaming on the VVVVID in our Country.

In Italy, the manga will be published by Edizioni Star Comics:

The teenager Koyomi Araragi is assaulted by a vampire. Somehow she manages to survive and not to change in turn into a dark creature, but it gets superhuman powers. And, in spite of you want to live an ordinary life, he finds himself helping some girls to cope with the supernatural. NisiOisiN, one of the most famous and brilliant novelists and screenwriters, japanese, meets Oh! Great, one of the designers of the most gifted, famous and celebrated, in a work that is expected and relied on by the public all over the world!

The manga Bakemonogatari Oh! Great comes in the climax is




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