The Manga and anime decorate Shibuya station


Published on May 10, 2019


Given its dimensions are considerable, for the number of tracks and for people passing through every day, Shibuya station is a crossroads famous for the performances he had in the anime and manga. Perhaps for this reason, the two most famous – also in the West – editors of the japanese, Shueisha and Kodansha, have decided to decorate a corridor of thirty feet of the metro station, and with their most famous characters taken from the manga that they publish every week on their journals. To the shoulders of the characters are also represented different high schools, perhaps as a link between users who use the metro to go to school and their idols on paper, as you can see from the pictures that follow: between the manga/anime portraits here are The Attack of the Giants




My Hero Academia...

Surely one of the stations where lovers of anime and manga will want to stay long to admire every single detail of the mural, which you can find at the entrance/exit 7A of the Shibuya Station.

The Manga and anime decorate the Shibuya station is




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