The manager in Apple Johny Srouji talk about safety, and Face ID


Published on Nov 14, 2017


Johny Srouji, senior vice president of Hardware Technologies at Apple, has released an interesting interview on Apple products, yet the Face ID and augmented reality.

Srouji, head of the team that manages the hardware of the iPhone (battery, processors, storage controllers), has released this interview with a newspaper in his country of origin, Israel. The manager has confirmed that Apple relies on more than 900 engineers employed in Israel, all of which focus on the implementation of the processors and other componneti hardware of the iPhone and the iPad:

The things that we do in Israel are an important part of every Apple device in the world. The team that works in the country shares the long-term vision of excellence and perfection.

Talking about the Face ID:

The sensor requires the attention of the user for identification. If I'm not looking at the device, there will be some recognition. This feature is by design, because sometimes you have the phone in your hands and didn't want a certain unlock.

Finally, Srouji has confirmed that Apple is focusing on ARKit and on the technology related to augmented reality and that already today, she is working for the processors that will come out in 2020, “because, always looking forward, with trails of three years“.

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