The Man of the Dreams: the Yankees and White Sox play on field of the film


Published on Aug 09, 2019


The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox will play on the true field of The man of the dreams during a match of the regular season in Iowa in August 2020. With Kevin Costner, the film was one of the major successes of 1989, with $ 64.4 million at the box office domestic earning three Oscar nominations, including best film. In the last few decades, has become a landmark of cinema and american sports and is considered one of the best works of its kind.

Is this [email protected]–@WhiteSox, see you in Iowa on 8.13.20.

— MLB (@MLB) August 8, 2019

For those not familiar, the film starring the corn farmer Ray Kinsella (Costner), who transformed her property into a baseball field after hearing of mysterious voices. During the production, it was built a camp near a farm in Dyersville, which has remained a popular tourist attraction for fans of the film. And next summer, those who will be ready to make a trip to Iowa will have the opportunity to attend a baseball game of the Major League's historic headquarters.

Today, MLB announced that, for the first time in Iowa that the Yankees and the White Sox play on the field August 13, 2020. According to KCRG, the everything will take place in a temporary stadium with a capacity of 8,000 people.

MLB has been fairly cunning in the selection of the teams: the White Sox, obviously, were present in the plot of the film. As for opponents of Chicago, the Yankees are probably of the most popular sports in north america, the most popular, and a huge national attraction. It will be interesting to see what's next on the MLB for the event; it would not be strange if Costner was involved in some way.

The Man of the Dreams: the Yankees and White Sox play on field of the film is




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