The Man of Steel 2: Henry Cavill wants a “active”role


Published on Feb 06, 2019


The DCEU is dead, long life to the Worlds of DC.

While in the house, Warner Bros. and DC Film continues the revolution marked the box office record of Aquaman – and from his tone that he mediated the seriousness of the fu-DCEU with an approach that is more “light” – and with the departure of Ben Affleck the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne also seen the latest news directly from the director Matt Reeves, the energies have been diverted to other projects – The Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey – keeping well in mind the new mantra that he would like the studios focus more on individual films, and not on building a shared universe as that of the competition.

However, among the fans there is a certain discontent, especially when it is pulled in dance Superman and Henry Cavill. Many, in fact, I think that to give a reality turning this narrative universe, regardless of whether it is shared or not, DC and Warner should give a second chance to the actor with a new film stand-alone.

In the past few months reports and rumors suggested that plans for Man of Steel 2 had been put in the attic: on the one hand trying to abandon the last vestiges of what had been done by the ostracized, Snyder and the other not being able to find a deal just with Cavill, opposed to the leadership after the “mustache-gate” of the Justice League.

While Cavill has continued uninterruptedly in the past few months to profess his love for the character, not the last in a photo a few days ago, the relations between the actor and the studios would have cooled.

“I don't always workout, but when I do, I workout with Superman.” Henry Cavill''s new post from Budapest 💪🏻

— Henry Cavill News (@HenryCavillNews) February 3, 2019

Now, a new report claims that Cavill wants an “active” role in the development of the film and, in particular, possibility of view and to put a veto on the script and director, as well as an adjustment of the fee, seeing that he would sign a new contract, and be listed as the manufacturer.

From one side it is evident as the actor – because of the poor response to criticism of his previous three appearances – wants to somehow get some control over his appearances in the iconic role from the other studios don't seem to have that as a priority, a film about the Azzurrone nor grant too much freedom in the phase of directing and screenplay personally choosing from its own team, the directors, as happened to James Wan and Aquaman – note how they are circulated also rumors of an offer to James Gunn to direct The Man of Steel 2.

And once again the King of the Seas and its success to be the needle of the scale: likely that Cavill and his management want to reopen the negotiations in strong support of the fans and his success in the film Wan proposing a similar approach for the sequel of The Man of Steel, the solution repeatedly opposed publicly by the same actor for a film that is closer to the classical vision of the character.

The parties still seem far apart but between the renewed confidence of Warner Bros. for the DC characters and the thrust of the fan it is hoped that soon there may be good news for Superman and Henry Cavill.

The Man of Steel 2: Henry Cavill wants a “active” role is




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