The man has already left 200 tons of junk on the Moon!

Published on Jan 31, 2018

All mammals on this planet instinctively develop a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, something that you humans do not.

We settled in an area and you multiply, multiply until every natural resource is not exhausted. And the only way you know to survive is to move to another area of the rich.

With these words the Agent Smith in the Matrix described the habit, destructive and wicked, of the human race to behave with the surrounding environment, and what that woe is we are failing to do even outside our planet, in places such as the Moon that we have not yet even really colonized.

There is no doubt that, sooner or later, we will be able to live our satellite, perhaps with permanent bases from which to stage missions to Mars, the true goal of an effective human settlement on another planet in the solar system, but despite the sun scientific missions carried out up to now, man has been able to leave already 200 tons of junk on the Moon!

We have visited the Moon, “only” 12 times, leaving on the dusty lunar soil golf balls, flags, forms, landing several, and a bunch of other crap, including also the organic waste of the astronauts as protagonists of the moon landing!

This video will show you lists of everything that was abandoned on our satellite during the space missions of Apollo, and in spite also of all the plotters that are still convinced that the Moon landing never happened, which, frankly, given our bad habits, in a way we would like it to be true!

Maybe, in the near future, when our ecological awareness and our knowledge will be even more advanced, we will reuse and recycle all that junk on the Moon that, regardless of our human atrocities towards the wonders of creation, gave us today one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature: the total eclipse of the superLuna also called the Blue Moon.

Source: Gizmodo

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