The Mac with the processor T2 start only macOS and Windows 10


Published on Nov 07, 2018


For security reasons, it is currently impossible to run operating systems other than macOS or Windows 10 on a Mac using the processor T2. Unless...

The processor T2 makes sure the Mac is in a complete state of security when it is started, checking every single step of the ignition process. And the way in which this security system has been implemented in the hardware prevents macOS Mojave to run the much-loved Linux.

To start, instead Windows 10 you need to enable it before Boot Camp. In fact, Apple has decided to make an exception with the Microsoft operating system. In order to ensure a safe and secure execution of the latter, the sign UEFI Mac includes a copy of the certificate to the Microsoft Windows Production CA 2011.

The Mac that use the chip T2:

But then is it really impossible to run an operating system other than macOS and Windows 10? The solution is to run Linux, for example, seems to be quite obvious: to disable Secure Boot. Apple itself points out that you can disable the function through the Startup Security Utility in the Recovery mode of macOS.

The option No Security disable completely the analysis in the start-up phase on the Intel processors and allows you to run on the Mac with the chip T2 any operating system. It is, therefore, a way around the obstacle, but it is essential to consider the possible risks and consequences, that iSpazio is not responsible.

What do you think of the processor T2 of Apple and its operation? By many it is regarded as a sign of closure, something that the company of Cupertino has been accused in the past. Do you agree? Have your say in the comments.

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