The Luino-Maccagno Sunday, will have two results on three for salvation. Against the Gerenzanese ends 0-0

Published on May 08, 2017

All poised for the Luino-Maccagno and Gerenzanese that yesterday in the first leg of the playout valid for do not go back, did not go beyond the 0-0. For a balanced game, with some ideas in more of the hosts, who are not able to penetrate and realize the scoring. Good performance of the young goalkeeper luino area Civitillo, while assessing the conditions of Ancelliero, came from the field in the first half due to injury. The guys of De Berardinis, now, have two useful results on the three to attain salvation. The return leg will be played in London next Sunday with kick-off at 16. The Luino-Maccagno Sunday, will have two results on three for salvation. Against the Gerenzanese ended 0-0. The Luino-Maccagno and Gerenzanese yesterday afternoon and presented in the field to fight for the permanence in the First Category, spaced only by a point in the standings after the 1-0 victory of the boys Valtolina in the first leg and draw 0-0 in a residential area of the return. The advantage of being able to tie in both games, he brought the mister luino area, Andrea De Berardinis, to deploy a training mirror to the opponents, trying not to risk anything, ready to start a counterattack. The match struggles to climb rpm with the two teams studying for a long time. Around the twentieth the first shot of the scene, the knee injury Ancelliero, replaced by the Square. The only jolt of the first time is for the hosts with Costanzo go on the net anticipating Civitillo, but the third arbitration sees the ball and stops the action. The first time stingy of emotions, with many errors and inaccuracies from one side to the other, and, although the Gerenzanese seems to be more pungent, you go in the locker room with the score 0-0. The return of the field to see the two teams most determined to score a goal. And’ the Gerenzanese to go close as He shoots from outside the area, but it is easy the young Civitillo to stretch and divert the ball into the corner. A great save by the keeper luino area. The hosts pressed before with Zumbè goes close to scoring in the shot, but the ball ends up outside, and then with Giammella with a cross-shot that goes over the crossbar. The Luino-Maccagno can't worry Cavaleri, but wins a bit field, allowing the defense to rest. The last chance of the match happen on the feet of Palumbo to the 75th: the following free kick, but the ball ends up on the outside of the network. The great test of the defensive Arioli, Vigezzi, Vallone, and Diana, without forgetting the provision of the substance in the middle of the field, Lucchini, and Bosetti, that can contain the advanced guest, while the young Civitillo proves to be comfortable between the posts, making always find ready without ever risking anything. The match will be closed 0-0. Now the second act to win salvation you will play in Luino, next Sunday, when He and his companions will have two results on three, to keep the category. “We knew we were facing a team tricky, that already during the season has put us in difficulty, " explains Andrea De Berardinis at the end of the race. We have prepared the best of the game, despite the absences. Shame about the injury Ancelliero, that has changed a bit’ cards on the table, but I liked our attitude, although maybe we were too dropouts in phase of possession and the construction of the game. We have made a great game in defence and mid-field, and we could make better use of an opportunity in the second half. Now we alleneremo 110% for Sunday since this will be the last 95 minutes of the season to decide who will be saved. We are ready to give everything, sacrifice and determination for the final battle of the season. Our goal is to gain a salvation so much painful as much as deserved”. Gerenzanese: Cavaleri, Tanzi, Restelli, Gattuso (56' Lavizzari), Calegari, Francs, Costanzo Palumbo, Zumbè (72' Courts), Badj Foils, Giammella (86' Bonifazi). Available to: Cerbone, Airaghi, Romeo, Frusca. All. Valtolina. Luino: Civitillo, Arioli, Diana, Vallone, Vigezzi, Lucchini, Cannucciari, Bosetti, Ancelliero (22’ Square, 89’ Iozzino), Follis (78’ Old), Raiser. Available: De Giorgi, Carroll. All. De Berardinis.

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