The Luino-Maccagno puts the “sixth” and paved the exit for Saronno. Victory that is worth gold for the salvation

Published on Apr 03, 2017

A great victory for the Luino-Maccagno yesterday afternoon in the town of Saronno, in the field of Robur, with a score in tennis which leaves little space for comments. 6-1 the end result: after being passed in disadvantage Lucchini and his companions have taken over the game, dominating in length and breadth for all of the 70 minutes remaining. A victory that gives moral to the luinesi and re-launching them permanently in the middle of the fight for salvation, looking for the best place in the area of playout. The results of the opponents for not receding: the Mozzatese won 2-1 direct confrontation against the Gerenzanese, while the Viggiù fell 5-1 against the Valceresio. The Luino-Maccagno puts the “sixth” and paved the exit for Saronno. Victory that is worth gold for the salvation. Great performance choir of all the children of De Berardinis that, despite the young opponents, they have given proof of character and of attachment to the mesh, with the single goal of playing to the end the salvation in the First Category, even passing by the playout. The game starts immediately at the sign of the guests that create so many balls in goals, especially with Ancelliero and with a Civitillo, at the start of the season in the first team, never be engaged in earnest. The cynicism in front of goal, however, is one critical point that emerged many times in the luinesi in the course of this championship, and so to go in the lead are the saronnesi, with a nice shot from the edge of the area of Caputo and takes advantage of her. De Berardinis is there and he encourages his: so to the 35th was the goal of Ancelliero, with a nice shot to the head reach for Cozzi's cross from the left of Diana. 1-1 and the ball in the center. Before the interval, however, is (to put it very clear the ambitions of the luinesi: after a nice percussion provides a network of the goal 2-1. To return to the field the situation does not change, rather it is Valley to the gore of the head on the corner of Diana, leading to the 50th Luino-Maccagno on the 3-1. Saronno is no longer in the game, struggling to build and become dangerous by the parties of Civitillo. And then come the doublets of the Follis the first and Ancelliero after, between the 60th and the 70th. If Follis provides a network of anticipating all developments of a rebound in the area, the bomber luino area is a beautiful goal from the edge of the area. To permanently close the accounts to a game of one-way Square is that, to the 80th, taking advantage of a scrum in the area, and provides a network of the goal of the 6-1. “It was a game that could create many headaches, but in reality has given us the right directions to better face the last matches, " explains mr. Andrea De Berardinis -. I liked the attitude and grit of the boys, not only the result and the outstanding performance of the group. Great defensive work with Vigezzi and Arioli, along with Vallone and the Roman, the usual Lucchini, with Bosetti, has created so much wrong and little, Cannucciari, and Diana, with the latter author of the well 5 assists, no to forget Follis and Ancelliero, which today have demonstrated a great desire to do well to try to play the playout from a position apart from the opponents”. The victories of the Mozzatese and that of the Valceresio breathe Lucchini and companions, that are ranking the Viggiù and off five points in Saronno and the Gerenzanese. With only three matches still to play in the area of the playout is such a step for the children of the De Berardinis, while salvation is currently at -5, for the last available spot occupied by the Solbiatese, that will come to the Park Margorabbia just in the last day. All yet to decide, but the great victory of yesterday, can give a great moral and knowledge to luinesi. Saronno Robur: Cozzi, Black, Quarter-finals, Guidali, De Micheli, Oldani, Borsani, Villages, Caputo, Ciccone, Mariutsyn available: Baldassarre, Berardi, Furini, Pilgrim, Fusetti, Well, Frigerio. Coach: Tasty. Luino Maccagno: Civitillo, Arioli, Roman, Vallone, Vigezzi, Lucchini, Cannucciari, Bosetti, Ancelliero, Diana, Follis. Available: De Girgi, Square, Silipo, Raiser, Old. Coach: De Berardinis. The 27th day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Antoniana – Union The Three Valleys, 2-3, Belfortese – Vanzaghellese 3-0, Gorla Maggiore – Cas Sacconago 0-1, Guanzatese – Fagnano 2-2, Mozzatese – Gerenzanese 2-1, Saronno Robur – Luino Maccagno 1-6, Solbiatese – Arsaghese 0-1, Valceresio Audax – Viggiù 5-1. The ranking of the First Category, Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese 59, Valceresio Audax 55, Arsaghese 53, Belfortese and Fagnano 51, Gorla Maggiore 50, Cas Sacconago 46, Vanzaghellese 36, Antonian 33, Union Three Valleys 31, Solbiatese 27, Mozzatese 26, Luino-Maccagno 22, Viggiù, 20, Saronno Robur and Gerenzanese 17.

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