The Luino-Maccagno not just the win Ancelliero, the Mozzatese snatched a 2-2

Published on Mar 27, 2017

A draw that does not fully satisfy neither the Luino-Maccagno, nor the Mozzatese. A nice match with the boys of De Berardinis that, despite the many absences, impose their own game, building several occasions from the network. Not enough, however, two Ancelliero, fatal two corner kicks for the luinesi with two head shots of Alberio and Kaya. Beautiful esodio seasonal between the posts of the “evergreen” Angel De Giorgi. The situation in the standings remains unchanged at five days from the end, with He and comrades still in the fight for a place in the playout. It will be important to the position, including fifth-to-last and second-to-last place, which will decide who will play in the home in the first leg and who will be benefited by any parity of results and goals. The Luino-Maccagno not just the win Ancelliero, the Mozzatese snatches a 2-2 draw. Match in the area of playout yesterday, between Luino-Maccagno and Mozzatese, with the result of 2-2 has neither winners, nor losers. Of course, so much regret for the company Bregani has created an infinite number of balls, goals, destinies by making their only two Ancelliero. The match starts with the two teams trying not to hurt himself, engaging. Luino, however, has no choice and has set the race to win, and so he shows more attitude and more belief in each contrast. The goal in a 1-0 away win of the masters of the house arrives to the 25th with a goal of Ancelliero, which takes advantage of a defensive comaschi. The Mozzatese of it and starts to be seen in the opposing area, but it was good the ball and the defensive to cover the spaces without giving clear chances. Shortly after is always Ancelliero to have on the feet the ball of 2-0, but rolls low and Zuccotti para without problems. The first time goes forward without any particular hiccups, until the 44th minute. On the developments of a corner is Alterio to soar, trafiggendo De Giorgi, to the debut season, you did find it always ready. You go to rest in a 1-1 draw. To return to the field, the game remains balanced, and this is precisely the De Giorgi to carry out two-to-three interventions that save the luinesi, especially a nice shot of the kidneys, on a half-turn of a striker como in the middle of the area after a scrum. The Luino-Maccagno back to the grind game and the 60th is the axis Valley-Ancelliero that you collect 2-1 on the break and luino area crosses it in the middle and it is easy Ancelliero to anticipate all and hitting of the head, for the momentary advantage. There are many goal opportunities created by the Luino with Beaver, still Ancelliero and the young-Old, that do not materialize. So in 70th was the goal of the Mozzatese, with another blow of the head on the football from a stop: report the situation in equality is Kaya. Then you record the other balls goals for Lucchini and his companions, the first with a left to Ancelliero, then with an insertion of Carroll, with shooting neutralized by Zuccotti, and after one more win a free kick high from the Valley from a good position. Also noteworthy is the expulsion of Carroll for a double yellow card. “A result that leaves plenty of bitterness in the mouth – explain to the end of the race mister De Berardinis -but makes us look with optimism to the match on Sunday, that we absolutely have to win. The direct clash with the Robur Saronno. The goal is to go to the playout starting from the small advantage of the fourth from the last or fifth from last place. For us, it would be essential, and we will do all we can”. Luino Maccagno: De Giorgi, Arioli, Roman, Vallone, Vigezzi, Lucchini, Square, Beaver, Ancelliero, Follis, Raiser. Available: Givinico, Iozzino, Silipo, Bosetti, Old. Coach: De Berardinis. Mozzatese: Zuccotti, Anzani, Nardi, Kaya, Paolillo, Alberio, Caon, Di Gennaro, Bensouda, Mountains, Turconi. Available: Baldassa, De Mori, Patti, Villages, Bonanomi. Coach: Balestrini. The 26th day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Arsaghese – Anthony 2-0, Cas Sacconago –Valceresio Audax 4-0, Fagnano – Solbiatese 2-0, Gerenzanese -Gorla Maggiore 0-2, Luino, Maccagno – Mozzatese 2-2), The Union Of Three Valleys – Belfortese 1-1, Vanzaghellese – Saronno Robur 4-0, Viggiù – Guanzatese 0-2), The Union Of Three Valleys – Guanzatese 1-1. The ranking of the First Category, Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese 55, Valceresio Audax 52, Belfortese, Fagnano, Gorla Maggiore and Arsaghese 47, Cas Sacconago 40, Antoniana and Vanzaghellese 33, Solbiatese and Union the Three Valleys, 27, Mozzatese 22, Viggiù, 20, Luino-Maccagno 18, Saronno Robur and Gerenzanese 17.

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