The Luino Ladies and girls of Hellas Cunardo together to shout “No to violence on women”

Published on Mar 06, 2017

A very good initiative that of yesterday morning at the sports center “Park Margorabbia” of Luino, which has seen as protagonists in the girls of the women's football Luino Ladies and Hellas Cunardo. The goal? To say enough to the violence on women, on the occasion of the “Feast of Women”. To seal the twinning between the two teams, a friendly in the ranks of the mixed, won 4-2 by the blue. Fun is also the challenge crossbar challenge, which awarded Sofia. Here are all the photos of Francesco Marmino. The Luino Ladies and girls of Hellas Cunardo together to shout “No to violence on women”. Many of the local companies that took part in yesterday morning for a demonstration in favor and for the protection of women against any type of violence. A day of sports, from the high ethical and moral value that has seen as protagonists in the girls of Luino Ladies and those of Hellas Cunardo, in the event “let's Play together against violence”, sponsored by the Municipality of Luino and the Community Montana Valli del Verbano, represented by Simona Ronchi, the Municipality of Brissago Valtravaglia, with the mayor Giusy Giordano. Ronchi emphasized the importance played by the associations and institutions in recent years, not least the door to the elimination of violence against women created by the municipality of Luino, with the help of “confident Woman” who, with “No Violence to Women” and “AISU – Together towards Ithaca”, have organized the event. The kick-off, instead, it was entrusted to the mayor Giordano. Words of appreciation also came from the deputy mayor of Luino, Alessandro Casali: “I Follow the Ladies from their debut: I congratulate you for the commitment and determination of the girls that he has brought it to get good results and to organize major initiatives such as these. Does honor to them all”. Before the friendly in the true sense, however, there have been some fun and exciting moments. The event, in fact, began with the kindly race of the crossbar challenge (3 shots to hit the cross bar), which was attended by dozens of girls present at the camp. The victory, after a final which saw the qualification of only two players with two crossbars hit, went to the luino area Sofia (ndr, left-back of Luino Ladies), who has won the “Smart Box” offered by Stefania Vicentini, coordinator of Luino Ladies fan Club. At this point, the girls signed the long banner, as already happened last year, the association's “No Violence to Women”, and in the first of the photos of the ceremony, there was the moment of the presentation of the event with the words of Manuela Fiorina, the door luino area “confident Woman”, by Roberta Donati, “No Violence to Women”, and Simona Ronchi. To close this time was the young Stefania, who has devoted a text that is very touching that your grandmother disappeared a few years ago, she is also a victim of violence. There is also a model, dressed in a suit, ethnic, on march 16, will take part in the parade organised at the European Parliament, with the “General States of Women”, for 60 years from the birth of the European Union. The friendly match was only a splendid entertainment, in which prevailed the sport, and for raising such a theme ever so present and important in this period. For duty of chronicle, the match ended 4-2 for the blue team, but all the girls were the protagonists of a wonderful morning spent together, to share a struggle that must lead, in the future, to eradicate the serious sufferings and atrocities that so many women, unfortunately, still, are forced to live.

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