The Lord of the Rings LCG arrives on PC, thanks to Fantasy Flight Interactive

Published on Dec 11, 2017

Founded only a few weeks ago, Fantasy Flight Interactive has announced the arrival of its first video game, the Lord of The Rings: The Card Game, drawn from the Living Card Game published by the same Fantasy Flight Games in 2011, and arrived in Italy thanks to Games Usa.

The title, a port of the board game (which undergo at least some change in the mechanical properties), will be distributed “soon”, for free, through Steam, in an edition which at the moment provides only the single-player version of the game but that, later, will see the arrival of even a cooperative two-player.

ICYMI, we teamed up with @FFI_Games to make a big, exciting announcement about #LotRLCG this weekend! More here:

— Fantasy Flight Games (@FFGames) December 11, 2017

Although they have not been released yet any information about it we are convinced that, sooner or later, the title will be also a multiplayer component in which, very likely, they will be introduced micro-transactions (very common in these titles free-to-play, for the purchase of new decks and cards you can use).

Announcing The Lord of The Rings Living Card Game! Build your deck, gather your heroes, and tell your own such as in Middle-earth. Available on Steam Early Access soon. #LOTRLCG

— Fantasy Flight Interactive (@FFI_Games) of 9 December 2017

Below you can see the first teaser trailer de the Lord of The Rings: The Card Game, popular online following the announcement happened during the day today and that officially began the YouTube channel of Fantasy Flight Interactive:

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