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Published on Jul 13, 2019


Already, there is a difference wide as the Lands of the Pack among the be perfectly useless and to be perfect, but unnecessary; if we consider that The Lion King of Jon Favreau full one that for some it might be a flaw (i.e. his body of the narrative, which is identical to that of the film of the original animation directed in 1994 by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff) adding a device that is using cutting edge technology, which sets a standard by carving your name in world cinema, then it becomes really almost incomprehensible the welcome icy, reserved for our colleagues in the american press to the new remake “live-action” Disney.

The film Favreau, who already had a good job he had done in 2016 with the remake of The Jungle Book (along with Cinderella, Kenneth Branagh's the best of the lot that is the characteristic of this new proposal from the editorial of the major, mal repeated with the pale beauty and The Beast, the bad Dumbo and the insipid Aladdin) is in the most classic of cinismi from the cinema industry (which they invented in Hollywood), with its main raison d'être; but we do not say that with contempt, indeed!

Through a job as a film maker, scribe, the author follows shot-for-shot the classic ’94 shifting in the year ’19 of the twenty-first century: it is not, properly speaking, a copy-literal – not 100%, but certainly not less than 95%, and practically identical to the narrative level has both advantages and disadvantages of the original – yet, just to show the bar to transmit an attachment bar with respect towards the original work which surprises almost as much as the CGI (literally off the scale).

It is as if, without trying in the slightest by the comparison with the animation film so great is the reverence with which they look at Favreau has wanted to “save it” for future generations, doing a task not dissimilar from that of a copyist of the fourteenth century: it is a process that is both fascinating as it is rare in the history of cinema (as it is the first case for an animated film, the remake shot for shot have always existed and always will exist, continuing the infinite is the cause of sensations partitions and bitter debates among the critics) but The Lion King is both a sense of aesthetics, both in a conceptual sense.

First, as mentioned above, the department VFX is probably the most amazing that ever since the days of the Avatars, able to appear to de The Jungle Book is dated to at least double the number of years that: the short circuit can trigger in the moment in which, through his photo-realism and documentary, the film asks the audience to raise their threshold of suspension of disbelief up to grant of the lions National Geographic to speak and sing, but from the moment you choose to watch the remake of The Lion King of Disney is assumed that the viewer already know what to expect.

In the second place, starting from the speech on the circle of life, Favreau seems to want to say that the only way to make this film was to do as he did, and that is, to take the shots of the original and use them as a storyboard: except for the addition of a single scene, between the other beautiful and that express all the meaning of the operation at the base of the film, this remake knows how to be a remake (Timon and Pumbaa they express it in a dialogue, very funny in what they say that their song Hakuna Matata is already famous and is gloat to all those who hear and do not hide it, but rather, it is a source of pride, and the lion, which in death becomes the grass that the antelope will use to feed to strengthen its meat to feed one day, the lion, so the traditional animation of " The Lion King powered digital de The Lion King, and so on, in a process of development, and who is convinced that with a straight line should think again.

In the most banal of syllogisms aristotelian, if life is a circle, and the cinema is the life (because the cinema is and always will be a product of life), then the film must be a circle. And the Line that the circle has closed.

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