The life to which the adult becomes a series on Netflix-produced by Fandango


Published on May 12, 2020


That good news comes today for all the fans of the novels of Elena Ferrante. After the great success of the series, The friend of Genius broadcast on the Rai Channels, this time it will be broadcasted in streaming ( at least at the beginning, then you could also move in the clear). The news is a few hours ago: Netflix and Fandango will develop a series based on The life lying adult, the last novel of Elena Ferrante, Italian writer loved throughout the world.

Those who have read the 4 novels of Elena Ferrante is that we tell the stories of Lila and Elena in the Naples between the years 60 and 70 ( and then go in the other decades) certainly has found it very life lying adult, of the two friends. The protagonist seems to be, in fact, a friend of two friends of the neapolitan, but the story, from his point of view of the narrative, makes the story definitely strong, and impact . And considering the success it had, with the great reception from the audience for the series, Netflix could not pass up an opportunity like that. It then works on a large project.

The life lying adult is a portrait powerful and singular of the passing of Joan from childhood to adolescence in the Nineties. The search for a new face, after that happy childhood, oscillates between two Naples consanguineous who, however, fear and hate each other: the Naples of the above, which is attributed to a mask end, and the one below that pretends to be a ridiculous, trivial. Giovanna oscillates between high and low, now falling, now upwards, disoriented by the fact that, up or down, the city seems to have no response and no escape.

The novel, published for the Editions And/Or in Italy on the 7th of November last, will be released in 25 countries in the world the next first of September.

Here's how Netflix presents its new project

Felipe Tewes, Director of Local-Language Original Series Netflix: “We are incredibly honoured to be able to develop a series based on The life lying adult. The books of Elena Ferrante have inspired and captivated readers in Italy and in the world, and we are excited to bring his latest work, on the screens of our global audience. We are also happy to continue our partnership with Fandango and continue to invest in stories “made in Italy” only that we believe, can be appreciated in Italy and throughout the world”.

Domenico Procacci, the founder of Fandango: “We are very happy to continue to tell the world of Elena Ferrante. The Life Lying Adult, published by the friends of the And/Or, that the world tells another part, close but different. It will be a beautiful adventure, and we're happy to have it out with Netflix, which we have now a strong and consolidated”.

And of course all the fans of the writer, will be delighted with this news.

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