The life promised last episode, it ends in carnage between bereavement and resignation


Published on Oct 02, 2018


The most recent episode of The life promised in the wave on the first of October 2018 on Rai 1 leaves a little’ bitter taste in mouth to the public that has been following with passion the fiction directed by Ricky Tognazzi. The history of the family Carrizzo, a story of migrants, has turned into a mafia story that ended with a real carnage. And which cannot be reached by the mafia in come the horns. But let's go with order, telling you in detail everything that has happened in the last episode of The life promise aired yesterday on Rai 1. And let's start from the history between Rose and Michele who, despite all the problems, have decided to continuing to see. Rosa and Michele are in love and the woman, although he felt a great affection for her husband, Rocco, has never accepted the betrayal of Carmela that before it take the bride to his son has never said that he was a man with problems. Rosa and Michele are lovers at first sight, a love that Carmela could not stand in the way. In New York, meanwhile, has arrived Spanò that in a short space of time, she is taken to the power. The arrival of Spano resulted in a heart attack to Carmela, who having seen him, he realized that his family would be in danger. Antonio, realizing that her mother would have wanted Spanò dead, is trying to organize a murder, but is stopped by his brothers save him from an ambush. Spano, in fact, the ally of Prejudice, is to kill the boss of the neighbourhood, betrayed by his right arm. Antonio so it could be the next on the list Unless and, thanks to the help of Mr. Needle, run away, in California.

In the meantime, Mary continues her affair with Ashwin. Moses, however, understands that his wife is hiding something and decides to follow her in one of his walks, carrying the gun. When seen with Alfio would like to shoot her but shoots instead, against his face, and dies a suicide. Alfio would want to stay at the side of Mary, but the girl understands he was wrong and he is forced to go away, away from the family. In the meantime, Rose discovers that she is pregnant, but Carmela has no intention to see the child grow out of the family consisting of her and Rocco. Rosa and Carmela fight furiously while Michael prepares to give a helping hand to his colleagues for the revolution of the workers. Unfortunately, Michael is killed, and Rose finds herself alone but carry out her pregnancy, confident that that is his will.

Alfio has bought a new house to Carmela, and for the moment, Spanò has not yet been found but is about to discover, through the words of Angela, where lives the woman who so much wanted. The flashbacks of the past, we also find that between Carmela and Spanò, there was nothing. She in fact attacked him before he could abuse her and ran away. Carmela realizes to be very fond of Mr Irons, but between the two nothing happens. However, it comes to 1929, and Mr Irons loses everything.

Alfio and Antonio, they understand that they have to do something before Spanò can take revenge of Carmela, but this time speak with Mr Irons and ask him a hand. The entrepreneur, thanks to contacts with the police, arranges an ambush, but Spanò almost manages to escape, taking hostage a policeman, arrives to Antonio, who shoots and kills him. Mr Ferri is from Carmela to tell what happened and explain that Antonio will not go in prison but will receive a commendation for saving a police officer. The two kiss.

And’ arrived the day of the birth of Rose that gives birth to the child of Michael. The girl decides to go home, donna Carmela forgives her and tells her that sooner or later will come back to them. The conclusion of this history of the family, Rizzo with the celebrations for the birthday of Carmela finally can show off her red dress and party it up at the Hotel which is so loved with her whole family. Among the guests arrives, Antonio, who announces that to have the boyfriend but he does not say with whom.

For those who missed the most recent episode of The life promise, the fiction is entirely available on RaiPlay.

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