The life promise fiction Rai 1, with Luisa Ranieri: the plot, trivia, and cast


Published on Jul 13, 2018


The life promised is one of the titles for the next season of the television series of Rai 1. This is a set brand new that will be aired probably in the autumn. The life promise is a fiction, directed by Ricky Tognazzi. Anyone who has followed the Big Brother Vip knows that Simona Izzo continued to speak of wanting to reach her husband is busy filming his new job. It was just de life promise. The fiction was also announced on the day of the presentation of the new schedule of the Rai, for the first time on Rai 1, as one of the securities over which the network will focus on for next season. The life promise is a costume series that will take us back in time and back on the small screen, the beautiful Luisa Ranieri, who still recall the masterpiece of the history of Perugina, another jewel of the Rai. The life promise tells the story of a sicilian family, but it is set in Puglia, moves between the bari and the Salento.

The epic story of one of the many sicilian families, in the background of larger migratory exodus of the modern history. It's the story told in the Tv Series in 4 episodes “life of promise” directed by Ricky Tognazzi. As we said previously, the series was filmed in Apulia, between Monopoli, province of Bari, and Taranto, Nardò and Giuliano di Leuca in the province of Lecce. The protagonist of the story is the actress Luisa Ranieri, next to her Francesco Arca, Marco Foschi and Thomas Trabacchi in the main roles.

Tognazzi, who has described the character of Carmela as “a woman in the Magnani,” he told the press that The life of promise was born from the intention to “remember the italians that we were migrants too. Often, in these dramatic times, we italians forget that from the beginning of the ‘900 we have travelled and ‘conquered’ the Americas”.

THE story of THE LIFE of PROMISE - The story unfolds in a scenario along the twenties of the last century, interwoven with the tragic events, the disappointments and attempts at redemption that will mark the existence, in Italy first and in New York then, Carmela, “mother courage” always ready to fight for his life promise to herself and to her family. The woman, a sicilian true, is a mother, combative, always ready to fight to keep safe her family. In New York, Carmela married by proxy with cherry Tomatoes, a man who immediately makes you know the dark side of Little Italy, where the mafia is blackmailing those like him for the account of the “Black Hand”. The adventures of Carmela, however, at some point clash with those of Rosa, a prostitute of sicilian origin who is married by proxy with the son of Carmela. She will be, in fact, planning the wedding, forcing Rosa to live the same fate.

Co-produced by Rai Fiction with Picomedia, the Tv Series is supported by the Apulia Film Commission, with funding 251.854,55 € of the Apulia Film Fund the Apulia Region. For the realization of the film are engaged 40 work units of the region.

WHEN ANDRA’ IN ONDA A LIFE OF PROMISE? For the moment, the Rai has not officially announced the date of the airing of the drama which should, however, landed on Rai 1 in autumn, in a wave, and then between late September and November 2018.

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