The life promise 2 to the via the shooting: the plot and the first advances


Published on Jul 09, 2019


You part! A few hours ago, Luisa Ranieri on social he posted a photo directly from the set. And in the course of the presentation of the schedules of Rai, has been officially announced the presence in the schedule of the next season for Rai 1, de The life of promise. After the great success of the first season, the dramatic events of the Rizzos, a family who migrated to the sicilian in the suburb of Italian Manhattan, continue in one of the chapters of the darkest in american history: the Great Depression. What's going to happen then life promise 2? Come the first advances, which reveal to us the plot of this second season of one of fiction the most popular of the last year on Rai 1.

Remember that we had left Antonio, California to get away from Spano's boyfriend, without, however, say who was the lucky. She too will be one of the protagonists of the story?

Carmela and his children to face these difficult years with courage and always a struggle internal to the immigrant community gives rise to a wave of evictions against whom Carmela fights, harassed by Rosa, the daughter-in-law, who has inherited the political passion of the first son of Carmela, Michele, killed by order of Spanò, and that she had a child. But the contrasts between donna Carmela and Rosa do not miss them and end up to cause the disappearance of the inexplicable, Rocco, brother crippled of Rizzo, the only one who still lived with his mother and that as you remember is not autonomous but has a mental retardation. Carmela is the prey of loneliness incurable, when he returns from Italy, Amedeo Ferri, and mentor of the family, Rizzo and gallant suitor, ready again to be close to her and support her in everything, with the secret hope of definitively conquer his heart. Carmela, in fact, he never gave in, and also for this reason, Amedeo was back in Italy. And’ come now is the time to open his heart?

Between melodrama flaming and gangster movie, a new classic that blends the tradition of neo-realism with the imagery of the genre cinema Italian-american, and puts in the center a figure of a mother fighting but not good at all costs.

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For the time being, there are other advances but, let's assume that Carmela will once again have to do with Sapnò that will give you a hard time.

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