The life promise 2: Carmela Rizzo is once again the protagonist, the advances


Published on Feb 19, 2020


After the Sunday full Vanessa Incontrada, with the fiction As a mother, it's up to Luisa Ranieri take his place. Back on Bbc1, after the success of the first season, the saga of Rizzo. Back on Rai 1, to Sunday evening, The life promise, fiction able to paste in front of the tv to millions of viewers. The story is told, even in this second season, is that of the family of sicilian immigrants in America in the charming Carmela, a woman strong-willed, tough and courageous, but above all the mother is attentive and caring, ready to fight against every adversity to protect and give a future to his children. The story told in The life promise 2 will pick up where we left off: life in America is not easy, even if Carmela and her family continue to struggle because if there is one thing that is not wanting to Rizzo, is the dignity.

Luisa Ranieri is once again the protagonist of a fascinating story that combines the pathos of melodrama, the maternal to the tension of the gangster movie, the delightful setting of the famous Little Italy in new york to the topicality of a theme such as immigration.

Let's discover something more about the second season of The life promise, starting on Sunday evening on Rai 1 tv in three episodes.

The first three nights, airing from Sunday the 23rd of February, in the first vision, on Bbc1. “The life of promise – Part II” is a co-production Rai Fiction – Picomedia, produced by Roberto Sessa, Max Gusberti, directed by Ricky Tognazzi. Sign the screenplay Franco Bernini, Simona Izzo, Franco Marotta and Laura Toscano.

Through the private lives and personal Rizzo paints a fresco of the time, from the point of view of Italian-americans. In this second season, we find ourselves straddling the years ‘30 and ‘40. The protagonists of the series are fantasy characters who interact with historical figures, like Lucky Luciano, and Fiorello La Guardia.

For those who do not remember, the first season was not over in the best ways, indeed.

Carmela had let go of Rose, who had brought into the world the child of Michael after his death, while alfred was at the banquet of his new girlfriend...

What's going to happen in the second season of The life of promise?

New York, 1937. The family, Rizzo has a new home and a new restaurant in Little Italy and, in spite of the painful losses that he had to face, seems to have finally found a life promise in America. Carmela (Luisa Ranieri), a tireless, it is always the soul of the entire family and refer to her all, Rocco (Emilio Fallarino) for the first, the son is maimed by the hand of a violent, Vincenzo Spanò (Francesco Arca) who has given all the dramatic events of this family. While Rosa (Miriam Dalmazio), widow of Michael, moved from the old comrade of struggles, Carlo Ragusa, Antonio Monsellato), without, however, that between them there is nothing.

Mary (Frances May) and Alfio (Primo Reggiani) you are just married, after so many years of mourning for the suicide of the husband of Mary, who had discovered their relationship poignant and illegal; Alfredo (Vittorio Magazzù) is in love with a rich american, Sharon (Miriam Hood), not if the pass too well because of the crisis and gives a hand to the pawnbroker's shop of the sister; Antonio (Joseph Spata), after serving two years in prison because of the attack against Spanò, he found a job as a croupier in a festive game room owned by the mafia. Carmela continues to think of mister Ferri (Thomas Trabacchi) that is returned from some years in Germany for business. Before leaving, the man who had proposed to marry her but she did not feel ready and had refused.

Rocco runs away from home after another quarrel between Rosa and Carmela, and Spano – who was not dead but only to seriously injured in the firefight at the end of the first season – escape from the federal prison where he was locked up and wants his revenge. All are mobilized to search for Rocco and from Germany back mister Ferri. It is not just, because he took to heart the fate of a jewish family persecuted by the nazis but has big difficulties to leave their country. For the moment, only the small Sarah (Sara Strand) is able to reach New York and Carmela welcomes and looks after like a daughter. Between Carmela and Needles reborn love ...

We do not say more! The appointment with the fiction of Rai 1 on Sunday evening with the first unmissable episode.

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