The life of promise arrives on Rai 1: the story of Carmela, the courage of a mother and a woman


Published on Sep 13, 2018


On Rai 1 reaches a fiction in four episodes that will take the company to the public network in this month of September!!! This is one of the first to debut on Rai 1, after A bullet in the heart and Not say it to my boss comes life of promise, a new entry in the schedule of Rai 1. The life promise is a fiction set in the twenties that tells the story of a family, a courageous woman, played by Luisa Ranieri, who decides to leave his own land, which has been only great pain, to start again with his children in America. Carmela don't know what you will find in the United States but think that, certainly, that life will be better than what she and her children have lived in Sicily.

Life promise will air Sunday 16, Monday 17 and 24 September and Monday 1 October. We discover that that is the plot of the new fiction Rai 1, directed by Ricky Tognazzi.

Years ’20. At the head of the family Carrizzo there is Carmela (Luisa Ranieri), a sicilian tenacious and combative that escapes the desire and the abuses of Vincenzo Spanò (Francesco Arca), a campiere unscrupulous that pursued up to kill the barrel-his son Rocco, Emilio Fallarino), which will remain foolish for life, and to kill the husband (Marco Foschi), who urged the peasants to react to the exploitation of big landowners.

Carmela is forced to an extreme choice, and the brave: dress for power of attorney " that even know, in order to be able to enter America and start a new life. The Carrizzo make a stop in Naples, welcomed by the Woman of the Assumption (Lina Sastri), a nice rented by you arrabatta with the exploitation of the migrants who are waiting to handling practices for documents, when Mary (Frances May), the only daughter emmina Carmela falls ill of cholera, and is given up for dead.

Carmela never wants to leave, but the thought of saving the other children and the inability to turn back, convinced her of the need to flee far away from the man who has persecuted. Carmela does not know that Spano has sworn to himself to find it, continuing to feed for her one true obsession, that in time will lead to subjugate the noble they are working, accumulating assets for the purpose of conducting some shady business between Sicily and America.

In New York Carmela confronts difficulties and disappointments, to Ellis Island, the have also changed the name Carrizzo in Rizzo, but this will prove to be an unconscious luck. Her new husband, Matteo Schiavon (Andrea Pennacchi), a good man but weak, is to know the dark side of Little Italy, where a handful of thugs affiliated bands to source of origin, blackmail the poor wretches like him for the account of the mysterious “Black Hand”, which is likely to grab the fate of another of the sons of Carmela, Antonio (Joseph Spata).

The eldest son Michele (Cristiano Caccamo) is a pillar for donna Carmela is the first to bring gains in the house and proves to be sensitive, like his father, to the speeches on the rights of the workers in the factory where he works. Carmela would like the child thinks only to work and make a family, but he is reluctant to get engaged and starts to attend a trade union. On the ship, Carmela had known an Italian who has made a fortune in America and that he has recognized in her many qualities. Mr Amedeo Ferri (Thomas Trabacchi) is a gentleman who takes her under his wing, the family, Rizzo, becoming a mentor to the youngest son, Alfredo (Vittorio Magazzù), which teaches the secrets of the Bag. Mister Irons-esteem greatly Carmela and falls in love secretly with her.

Scroll through the years while Carmela and her children conquer their autonomy. The only one that can never be autonomous is Rocco, the guy is undersized, for which Carmela arranges an arranged marriage.
Little Italy arrives full of hope and desire for redemption Rosa (Miriam Dalmazio), a young prostitute with a load a newborn baby, who has agreed to marry Rocco for the power of attorney. Pink accepts her in spite of the situation, but begins to have a feeling for Michael. It is a love forbidden but overwhelming, that it sweeps away all the guilt.

The days of Rosa and Carmela are interwoven up to a violent confrontation, and moving to where
women are seen as the two faces of the same fate, remaining linked forever.
In the life of Carmela, the past comes back to threaten, and soon he will fall into her old nightmare. For Rizzo is going to have a fateful showdown ...

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