The letter of Alfonso Signorini Silvia University: congratulations to the open-scene after True on the case of the Meadows


Published on May 15, 2019


Alfonso Signorini decides that an open letter on the magazine about his thoughts on what happened Saturday afternoon, in one of the episodes of True that will be sure to the history. The director of the magazine, who told of being teased in the first person by one of the two agents of Pamela Prati, has decided to make the compliments to Silvia University for how it handled the episode of "True" and the interview with Pamela Meadows. It does so with a letter in which he lists the reasons for which, this interview, will certainly remain in the history of tv. And the compliments for the tv presenter of Channel 5 are not lacking.

Here's what he wrote in his letter, the director of Who:

It happens to me rarely when I watch tv from home, to immerse myself totally in the theme of the program. Well, last Saturday seeing Silvia University to True it happened to me. Brava Silvia! Interviewing Pamela Prati has not granted discounts, has harassed with a fire of questions, putting it slowly to the corner of the ring. In that moment, Silvia was the voice of the millions of viewers who have turned to Pamela asking the same questions about her marriage ghost, demanding to know the truth. The Meadows has arrancato, visibly in difficulty, and in the end remained than to abandon the study. The memory went immediately to the ‘Call me a taxi’, a moment of hysteria, and in the television of imperishable memory, which, with the same timing, a few years before he had left the house of the GF Vip. In the study the wilderness of True at this point is another open show in the show, with the University for half an hour he strolled arms.

And still:

The presenter has admirably brought to an end with a comment that deserves the Telegatto, if it still was: “It's all a joke that does not even laugh.” (...) Apart from the sadness of everything that has happened (a sort of “sunset Boulevard,” 2.0), it made me really pleasure to see how much the University has grown. I worked with her when she was taking the first steps to True and it seems to have been ages. Has become the owner of the television medium, he has learned the value of listening, has acquired humanity, thickness and empathy with the public. At a time when it is easy to criticize what you see on tv, I thought it proper to emphasize when finally there is someone who makes a difference”.

And Saturday there will be another installment of that's True: can we expect a new coup de theatre of the presenter? We will see what will happen.

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