The Legion closes with the Third Season, but there will be the Professor X


Published on Feb 05, 2019


“Noah Hawley has always considered the Legion as a show of three seasons”, said the ceo of FX, John Landgraf to the journalists, “and has confirmed that it will continue to follow his plan. This will be the last season”. Landgraf added that the third season of the Legion will make its debut in June. Legion see Dan Stevens in the role of the mutant in conflict with himself, David Haller, who has spent his life in institutions for the mentally ill, but now he discovers that what he thought to be a disease may actually be a superpower. The cast also includes Rachel Keller as Syd, the love interest of the protagonist, Aubrey Plaza in the role of Lenny and Jean Smart in those of Melanie Bird.

Noah Hawley is pleased to announce two guest castings for the final year of #LegionFX

Stephanie Corneliussen will play David Haller''s mother, “Gabrielle,” and Harry Lloyd will play his father, “Professor X.”

— Legion (@LegionFX) February 5, 2019

As for the cast of season 3, Harry Lloyd was chosen as Professor X, while Stephanie Corneliussen will be the mother of David.

The Legion is loosely inspired by the comics of the X-Men, David Haller is the son of the founder of the X-Men Charles Xavier and his lover, Gabrielle. Xavier has been shaken horribly when she realized that her son had both an almost limitless power that a serious mental instability. In the comics, each of the different characters of the Legion can draw on a different skill superhuman, and some of them are really very dangerous.

Although the personal history of David has been slightly rewritten for the small screen, now the Twitter account of the Legion has officially confirmed that both Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, will be guests in the third season. The tweet describes these as “casting guest', suggesting that they have an important role, and in fact may only have a brief cameo.

The Legion is one of the two TV series Marvel produced by a partnership between Marvel Television, and Fox. This is actually the first time that one of the most famous X-Men appears in one of these TV programmes; in fact, The Gifted have had to do everything possible to avoid naming “Magneto”, a decision rather ridiculous given that it features the daughter of him, Polaris. It was implied that this was due to legal reasons, then allegedly Noah Hawley has solved this problem and can use the Professor X in the Legion. The cast had talked about it occasionally to try to convince Patrick Stewart to do a cameo, but it seems that Hawley has decided otherwise.

The Legion closes with the Third Season, but there will be the Professor X is




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