The legacy replication vs Next another in replication: for Paolo Bonolis record ratings


Published on Mar 25, 2020


Paolo Bonolis continue to dislike the decision of Mediaset in wanting to televise reruns of Next another but today, in the light of the data of listen recorded by Channel 5, this seems to be one of the choices more meaningful. The reason is very simple: when you go again to invest in advertising, Mediaset will broadcast the unedited episodes of Next another that will cover several weeks of programming of Channel 5. In the meantime, you can think of ( when slowly everything will return to normal) to record the new episodes of Free Fall. Different situation for Rai 1 that already in these early days, with the replica of The Heritage loses several positions ( and probably a short may change strategy having regard to the numbers).

This is not the period to do the proclamations, the have down said under different circumstances. But the numbers remain, and must be confirmed. In particular, in consideration of the fact that Next another, seen yesterday by more than 6 million viewers, coming in record numbers, and with the episodes in replication.

The Rai has chosen to televise the episodes with “the best of” pulling out, among other episodes, even in recent that the public seems not to have particularly enjoyed.

Let's see the numbers:

-on Bbc1-The Legacy – The Best of has obtained an average audience of 4.379.000 viewers (16.5%).

-on Channel 5 Next the First!marks 4.865.000 viewers with a 19% share and the Next Another! 6.055.000 with 22% share.

The ratings of the pre evening among other things also influence those of the TG. Yesterday Tg 5 in net recovery on the Tg1, which has instead lost plays ( the program of Flavio Insinna has lost at least 2 million viewers in the evening yesterday).

The replica of The heritage, therefore, do not work, maybe because it was chosen the formula of the episode chopped; perhaps deferring in the wave, maybe the stakes of the tournament that they were so liked to the public, we could do better. We'll see.

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