The Legacy is back on Rai 1: the weekly tournaments for the samples of " historical challenge for charity


Published on May 02, 2020


Also for Rai 1 and begins phase 2. From may 4 to may 2020, the programming of Rai 1 tries to get back to normal. Among the novelties in the program of Rai 1 the return of Come to me live with Caterina Balivo 14 and that of The heritage with Flavio Insinna . For the program of Rai 1 a special mission: not only to go on the air with unedited episodes and do it respecting all the rules imposed by the current situation that we live in but also a useful purpose! In the agreement and with the support of the Rai, The legacy will make its contribution of solidarity to the Organization that has worked to address the crisis caused by the Coronavirus, the department of Civil Protection.
The episodes, produced in partnership with Banijay Italia, will therefore be organized in a series of “weekly tournaments”, in which Samples of past seasons will compete to donate the entire their winnings to charity.

But how will this new version of the program on Rai 1? Let's find out together.

In a sort of “exchange”, those from “The Inheritance” had put his skill and experience to give you an example of solidarity and participation.

A special edition of “The Legacy”, in which, however, will not be missing all those ingredients that have helped to make the afternoon program a fixed appointment for the majority of italians: games interesting and exciting, the competitors are valid and motivated, and above all, affection and sympathy towards his audience, Flavio Insinna describes as “the great family de “The Legacy”. The competitors will help those who from home will still be forced for good reason to stand in front of the tv, with a bit of lightness and fun, but will also economically speaking, a useful contribution.

During the bidding you will then continue to give the IBAN of the civil protection so that the house would want to donate, you may continue to do so.

We do not yet know who will be the competitors called to play. Probably you will opt for samples historic that possibly do not live in the most affected regions such as Lombardy or Piedmont. But we don't know anything about the names of the samples selected for the tournament. The choice is to have, for the episodes that remain before giving the witness a chain Reaction, the less people as possible in the Rai studios, in order to be able to better manage the situation.

Do not even know if Flavio Insinna will be alone or at the side of her dear teachers, we'll find out on Monday! In these days, according to the girls on the social, we seemed to understand that some of them were not even in Rome, may or may not be present in this new formula. Yesterday, for example Geneva, one of the new professors, has posted on her social a shot from his quarantine, writing that does not come out of the house by 51 days.

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