The Legacy: in the race there is Bernardo Cherubini, the brother of Jovanotti


Published on Mar 13, 2020


In this climate of great tension, given by the spread of the Coronavirus, to give us some smile is, above all, television: the modern hearth in the house of the italians. In the episode of 12 march 2020 of the quiz, The Legacy, among the competitors, it appeared a character very unusual among the challengers appeared that Bernardo Cherubini.

Flavio Insinna introduces to the public the Downtown in a very amused: “you're Bernardo Cherubini. Six of Cortona, province of Arezzo. I in Cortona there I have a friend who called Cherubini, last name, first name Lorenzo. And you are the brother of Lorenzo Cherubini, in arte Jovanotti! You're the older brother!“.

Flavio Insinna continues to tell the bio of Bernardo Cherubini: “So, is the boyfriend of Natalie. Many months passes them abroad. Is the wedding planner and tour operator. But I know that there is a challenge in the family...”

The competitor has willingly accepted to respond to the doubt thrown by the handler: “Yes, it is true. There is a challenge in the family, because Lorenzo is an absolute champion of The Heritage... but in the house! Then must come here to prove it, according to me. He has not had the courage and he sent me. Us at home we dare you but I always lose. Maybe tonight I go now, however, I would like to win. But I'm a fan of De Coubertin: the important thing is to participate”.

Despite not nourish any expectations, Bernardo Cherubini's not the it's gotten so bad: the man has successfully passed the first heats coming to Triello. Unfortunately, in this heat and had to yield the place to the other two competitors; but a little bad: in doing so, Bernard has gained a right in the next episode of the 13 march one of the three places reserved for the best competitors of the previous episode.

Bernardo Cherubini will end up at the table of the Guillotine, before being knocked out in one of the heats started?

Pending review of the race Bernardo, the brother, the singer does not seem to have noticed what happened on Rai Uno: on the social Jovanotti, in fact, there seems to be no post concerning the incident. Why?

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