The Legacy and The proof of the cook close their doors: you will be back in September and with whom?


Published on May 30, 2019


It is time for greetings, for two programs, the cornerstone of the day-time on Rai 1. Closes this season on television for The legacy and for The evidence of the cook, two programs that, in this vintage they had, in a different way, to convince the public and reinvent itself. Flavio Insinna arrived as the new face of the quiz Rai 1 after the untimely death of Fabrizio Frizzi and on tip toes he tried to make the best of his work, succeeds. Other than the task of Elisa Isoardi, she took it over to a face beloved of rai 1, Antonella Cleric. The circumstance was different, but had its difficulties.

If, in fact, Flavio Insinna has taken in hand a winning product without changing even a comma, only by giving his fingerprint to the rhythm and the show, Isoardi, instead, tried to bring on the Rai 1 program that is totally different from that which the Clerics had left a legacy. Has lost the public acclaim, while also losing to Rai 1, more than a million spectators, did not return to follow the test of The cook. A position that of the public, because today, The test of the cook, is back to be very similar to that of a long time. Admitting mistakes, never to say in a direct way, the presenter and the authors have reported in the kitchens of Rai 1 the old faces that Clerici has always had at his side, have reintroduced the recipes they love so much and gave less space for anything else. Moves, however, are not served to convince the public that he has rejected, without any doubt, this edition of The test of the cook.

On the 9th of July will be presented the new programmes of Rai 1, and for the moment, so there are not many certainties about what's going to happen. The Isoardi has made it clear that it will still you to manage The test of the cook even next year, but our feeling is that the program will shorten, and probably as was the case until last year, before it could arrive in a format similar to the Good to know.

The length of the episodes of this edition of The test of the cook, was, in our opinion, one of the main reasons of the loss of the public.

Even in the case of Flavio Insinna there are no confirmations. And also in this case we can talk about just a feeling. We think that Flavio has all the credentials to take the helm of The heritage in September. Despite initial criticism, and listen to up-and-down of the first weeks, The heritage is confirmed on the programme that saw his band and the audience in some way is also fond of the new way to lead than Insinna. Definitely very different from what Carlo Conti, Fabrizio Frizzi, but equally valid.

We'll see if Carlo Conti will want to return to the guide of The heritage or leave the quiz game Rai 1 to his illustrious colleague.

The most recent episode of The heritage will be aired on Sunday, by Monday 3 June on Rai 1 will follow the new edition of chain Reaction this year entrusted to the management of Marco Liorni.

May 31, 2019, instead will air the last episode of La prova del cuoco. From Monday, in place of the culinary program we will be able to follow the performances of Don Matteo.

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