The Last Temptation, Neil Gaiman meets Alice Cooper! – Review

Published on Dec 19, 2017

The Saldapress is increasingly waged in terms of american comics. After having made known to the public the richness of the works of Robert Kirkman, and many others, here on our shelves peeps The Last Temptation, an interesting volume signed by one of the most important writers of the last decades, that Neil Gaiman, who for nearly thirty years, involving the public of all over the world from adoring fans and avid detractors.

To assist him in this work, we find nothing less than the world-famous rock star Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier, while the designs are entrusted to the care of Michael Zulli, a longtime collaborator of Gaiman on Sandman.

Now let's clear up a couple of points: contrary to most of the fumettari of half the world, I am not an avid fan of Gaiman, and even a heated, dismissive. I read with some pleasure the first three volumes of Sandman, I think I appisolato half of American Gods, I enjoyed packs with Coraline, and Stardust (which I've also seen the movie) and I've tried a healthy disgust for 1602 of Marvel (of course it is a pure prejudice, but I, being a metalhead, I lived and live with the prejudices).

This is to say that about Gaiman are pretty impartial, so don't expect the classic review of the fan in a broth of jujube, and even the comment angry of dismissive.

Well, let's start: The Last Temptation is a work made in collaboration with Alice Cooper and it is not a coincidence that this title face rang a bell in the minds of the fans of one of the great idols of the rock. Gaiman and Cooper worked together for the development of the concept of The Last Temptation, the acclaimed album by the artist of Detroit in the early ’90s, for which the plot of the comic book and the disk are basically the same, with the only difference being that in the comic there are some scenes in more.

The protagonist of the story is Steven, the guy the protagonist of Welcome to My Nightmare, the most famous album of Alice Cooper. If in his first appearance, Steven was basically a guy a little freaked out, imprisoned within the nightmare, here, also thanks to the hand of Mr. Gaiman, takes the form of figure-damn, in the strict sense.During an afternoon with friends, Steve enters recklessly inside of a theater where he is preparing a show of grand guignol. Inside there is the mysterious Showman with the disturbing features of the same Alice Cooper that tries several times to get it to go from your part and make it a part of the show.

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Beyond all the big words that usually are wasted when we speak of a work of Neil Gaiman, this is The Last Temptation is a beautiful story on how difficult it is to grow up and become big and on the loneliness and the uncertainty of many young people who are incapable of dealing with the adult world (and vice versa). The Showman is basically leverage on this to convince Steven to go to the dark side. The guy is full of weaknesses, insecurities. Thinks he's a wimp because his companions to him repeating, it probably is for real, it fails to integrate in your group of friends, has a love-hate relationship with the parents (the father is a naive gullible from the soul conspiracy, the mother is the typical housewife, old fashioned american, the whole house and family), and is sexually attracted to a company class, but, because of his insecurity, is unable to come forward and realize that she, too, underneath, he has a weak spot for him.

If all this reminds us of the Goethe's Faust, well, you're not on the wrong path, as it is of influence declared by the same Gaiman. Indeed, we could say that the entire The Last Temptation is a modern transposition, and pop of this great work of world literature.

Gaiman tells all this with a tone surprisingly resigned and almost minimal (for the levels of Gaiman's the same, to be clear), preferring to put aside certain barocchismi that have always distinguished to leave plenty of space in the design of Zulli and gloomy atmospheres nightmare of grand guignol that the american designer has been proven to be been able to recreate the great. Compared to other works comic of Gaiman, where the text appears above in a massive drawing, here we go in the opposite direction, with entire pages where the classic captions-the american dwarf to allow the reader to feast their eyes with beautiful designs.

Ultimately, we are faced with a good author, and certainly not a masterpiece, offered by one of the most influential writers of the last decades and that the saldaPress has wisely published with a generous amount of extra content.Of course, we're not talking about one of the works most relevant of Gaiman (and I guarantee you that this comic is named, is barely in the Wikipedia page in English of the author), but I've always believed that even from the minor works, that this is, you may be pleasantly impressed.

And this time I had reason to.

saldaPress publishes The Last Temptation, the graphic novel in which the inspiration of Neil Gaiman and the stage presence of Alice Cooper combine to offer an unusual vision of growth and the search for the self

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