The Last Temptation: exit the new edition of the book, inspired by Alice Cooper

Published on Nov 20, 2017

Friday, 24 November comes the new edition to the color of The Last Temptation, the historic comic book-inspired concept album of the legendary rockstar Alice Cooper

In 1994, the legendary Alice Cooper, one of the showman and a rock star on the contemporary scene since the ’70s gave life to the concept album entitled The Last Temptation.

The working of that famous album had contributed another extraordinary author and narrator: Neil Gaiman.

Contacted by the record company of Cooper, the creator of the Sandman, had agreed to shape the Theatre of the Real and its creatures, telling the story with Cooper, a world on the border between this dimension and the realm of nightmares, sketching a watermark the profile of modern day America. In the same year, and in part to the inside of the album, she released The Last Temptation, version of the graphic novel.

Friday, November 24, thanks to saldaPress, back in the store and in the library, that magnificent volume, drawn by Michael Zulli and written by the same Neil Gaiman, in a new remastered edition and, for the first time in Italy, 168 pages in full colour at the price of 19,90 euro.

The Last Temptation tells the story of Steven, a boy who has fear. Afraid of ghost stories, afraid of growing up, fear of the other: only fear.

Then, one fine day, he meets the man destined to change his life forever. It is the mysterious Showman, who introduces him to the discovery of the extraordinary Theatre of Reality.

Steven receives the ticket and attends a show on the horror and the courage, but soon realizes that to get away from that performance is much more complicated than he could imagine.

An experience meant to teach him once and for all what is really the fear.

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