The knitwear tailoring of Sunhouse

Published on Nov 24, 2015
After a long expertise in the field of knitwear that has seen them working with the biggest international brands (Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta and Stella McCartney to name just a few), Simonetta Bocelli and Franco Santarini decided to create her own line of knitwear, which made its debut with the name of Sunhouse – Sartorial Knitwear. The inspiration (and the target), the fundamental of the two creative is to actualize the use of knitwear, reinventing the canons. Fullscreen01/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/1602/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/1603/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/1604/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/1605/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/1606/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/1607/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/1608/08 Sunhouse Sartorial Knitwear - 2015/16 Are so sought after new balances between the formal and the informal, which lead, finally, to the creation of outerwear knitted from the laid-back look and made with an approach that is totally tailored. The modernity of the head Sunhouse lies in the proposal of yarns alternative, playing on the various universes of color and pattern, to create a product that is 100% in step with the times.

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