The Knights of the Zodiac – Saintia Sho, an original drawing of Seiya and Shoko by Chimaki Kuori


Published on Jan 23, 2019


On the occasion of the broadcast of the fifth episode of the transposition of the animated de the Knights of The Zodiac – Saintia Sho – The Holy Warriors of Athena on Animax and the premiere of the sixth on Sky Perfect! Souls Set for the First Video of Amazon Japan on their Twitter profile official manga artist Chimaki Kuori, co-author of the original manga, he also published a drawing that shows Seiya and Shoko together:

Masato Tamagawa (Air Gear) directed the series at studio Gonzo (Last Exile) on screenplays coordinated by Ikuko Takahashi (Blue Exorcist); Keiichi Ichikawa (One Piece) and Ayana Nishino (Aquarion Logos) care for the character design and the general direction of the animation; Toshihiko Sahashi-Saint Seiya Soul of Gold) composed the soundtrack; Toei Animation (Dragon Ball), produces the series.

The animated series, airing in Japan from December 10, 2018, is available in simulcast on Crunchyroll in the original language with subtitles in Italian.

The original manga, in the course of serialization from 2013 on the pages of the magazine Champion RED Akita Shoten (12 volumes so far), is published by Planet Manga (11 volumes at the time):

“On the eve of the Galaxian Wars, the darkness lengthens, the Sanctuary of Athena, announcing the reincarnation of the evil goddess Eris. While Saori Kido and her Saintia it is time to take again the way of the war, is the tragic fate of the sisters Shoko and Kyoko...”

The Knights of the Zodiac – Saintia Sho, an original drawing of Seiya and Shoko by Chimaki Kuori is




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