The King of the Fairies: he starts the promotional tour of the graphic novel set in the Italian forests

Published on Nov 20, 2017

Starts the promo tour for The King of the Fairies Elena “Carrots and Cinnamon Triolo and Andrea Meucci: the first stage in the Feltrinelli in Rome, followed by meetings in the library and the comic store in Milan, Turin and Florence.

How many inhabited worlds, and, above all, by who?

Elena “Carrots and Cinnamon Triolo and Andrea Meucci ce the tell during the Italian tour de The king of the fairies, a promotional event that will take the stage in Rome, Milan, Turin and Florence.

Presented at the Lucca Comics and Games 2017, The king of the fairies is a graphic novel for young adult set in the woods, in Italian published by Edizioni BD.

Obi you drag bored between school and a social life non-existent, with only the company of Rita, the “weird girl” that protects from the harassment of his classmates.

A day in the forest, Obi, accompanied by Rita, knocks down accidentally with his small helicopter remote control, one at the beginning it seemed to be an insect strange.

But, instead, the flying creature is the king of the fairies, and for the laws of magic now it's up to Obi as his successor to the throne.

The King of the Fairies is a book that glides over the worlds real and imaginary, to tell a story and remind us that in fairy tales, today as always, that hides the truth.

Obi, the protagonist, it looks like. Inadequate and insecure, in that middle ground between who he is and who would want to be. Accompanied by Rita, omitted from the mass, a little bizarre and over the top. "There's something about Rita that belongs to me," admits the author.

And then the lovely Liv, apparently a snob and a bit haughty, that vignette after vignette is discovered for what it really is.

Here, below, the first appointments with the tour

The stages of Turin and Florence will be announced in the coming days, so stay tuned for all the updates.

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