The King: Dwayne Johnson will be the king of Hawaii Kamehameha


Published on Aug 30, 2018


Now the samoan is directing his attention to the history hawaiian.

According to Deadline, the actor will be the king of Hawaii Kamehameha in The movie The King of Warner Bros. and New Line. The director of Back to the Future Robert Zemeckis is involved in the project, with a screenplay written by Randall Wallace, who previously wrote the screenplay for Braveheart. The company of Johnson, Seven Bucks Production, will produce the film.

The film will be “a bloody, epic and historical”, and tell the story of the founder and the first monarch of the hawaiian islands, king Kamehameha, at the end of the 1700's.

Kamehameha is the legendary king who was the first to unite the hawaiian islands are in a war and has fulfilled the prophecy that surrounded his legendary life from birth,” indicates Deadline. “He took control of the destiny of Hawaii, and gave the islanders the power to progress in the trade with the foreign ships coming from Europe, which has started to appear on the shores of the islands, which should be seemed like paradise, even if at times dangerous, as explorers such as Simon Metcalfe, and captain James Cook discovered before that Kamehameha would unite forcibly from the islands.”

According to Deadline, the role of the Kamehameha has always been desired by Dwayne Johnson. The actor has always been one that has embraced its roots in the polynesian (a priest, Kahu has also blessed the project of the film in 2017), as demonstrated by the famous tribal tattoo that tells the story of his life. In addition, the islands are one of the places in which the actor has tracorso a long period of its existence.

Even if there is not yet a release date, the film should arrive in cinemas in 2020.

The King: Dwayne Johnson will be the king of Hawaii, Kamehameha is




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