The Journal of the BD – Special: the outputs of December 2017


Published on Oct 17, 2017


001 Edizioni shows in Italy, perhaps the saga of the steampunk the most celebrated in France, both by the public and critics alike with a volume of a column for euro 19,00. The texts are of Éric Corbeyran, drawings of Cécil.

Two thieves, Eustache and Moscow, are fighting every day against the corrupt officers and the smugglers of human beings, by signing their blows, leaving on the place of shot a card in the shape of a butterfly: a bombyx. When you introduce the abode of the baron Guillaiume Bernard de Harcourd, find something that no one should see: some of the snuff movie footage. Will be able to escape from the men of the baron and the corrupt policemen at his service?

A few months after the release in France for Dupuis, the Ninth Art brings us the fourth volume of Buck Danny “Classic”, to the texts of Frédéric Zumbiehl and the pencils of Jean-Michel Arroyo. The volume is a hardcover of 48 pages for the price of 14,90 euro, as in the tradition of the Ninth Art for the formats of prestige which enhance the BD.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Buck Danny is ace of the Navy of the United States or of the United States air force. The series is noted for its realism both in the drawings and in the descriptions of the procedures the military as part of the storyline. In particular, the aircraft depicted are extremely accurate.

In the middle age dummy, Galkiddek cala the reader in a fantastic atmosphere and the baroque. The series of Delcourt, for the lyrics of Frank Giroud (The Decalogue) and the drawings of Paul Grella, is proposed by the Cosmos in one volume, color, 160 pages, at the price of € 16,90 (necklace Cosmo Comics).

The count Galohan, almost mad for the loss of his wife, is a statue with the face equal to that of his beloved. From here begins the adventure... which in France is still in progress.

The Journal of the BD – Special: the outputs of December 2017 is




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