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Published on Oct 12, 2017


Let's start with the new historical biographies of Glénat, that perhaps we will also see in Italy in Historical Biographies. Surprise then came out in France a volume of a series held over, even in Italy.

To open a book on the BD, they could then miss news on Goscinny and Tintin? No, of course not!

A good read!

A volume will be devoted to the roman general, Caesar, to the screenplay by Mathieu Gabella, already seen in this series of Philip the Handsome, Catherine de Medici and Robespierre. With him Just Trolling, Italian historian, professor of history. The designs are of Italian Andrea Meloni, creative director of Studio Orange, the studio in charge of the color.

More particular, the choice of the emperor Meiji, that is, the emperor under whom Japan from feudal State became a modern nation, opening up to the West. Mathieu Mariolle (St. Louis) has written the script of the volume, assisted by the historian Guillaume Carré. The Italian Ennio Bufi has made the drawings.

Mondadori Comics is publishing some volumes of the series as the series Historical Biographies, including Mao Zedong, Catherine de Medici and Robespierre.

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