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Published on May 16, 2019


After the ranking, we rediscover the myth of Orpheus, the prologue of what we know as Snowpiercer, you can see the traditions of the French and, finally, here is a new adventure of Lefranc.

The best sales from 29 April to 05 march 2019, according to GFK/Livres Hebdo can still see the award-winning Bug of Enki Bilal, for the rest few novelties in the standings:

1) Bug, volume 2, Enki Bilal, Casterman

2) Titeuf 16, Petite poésie des saisons, Zep, Glénat

3) Les Bidochons tome 22, Les Bidochon rilancent leur couple, Binet, Dargaud

4) Le retour à la terre, tome 6, Les métamorphoses, Jean-Yves Ferri and Manu Larcenet, Dargaud

5) Open bar: 1re tour, Fabcaro, Delcourt

6) Bug, volume 1, Enki Bilal, Casterman

7) A whore de salopard: Isabel, Régis Loisel, and Olivier Pont, Rue de Sèvres

8) Boule & Bill: bon anniversaaah!, Stuff, Dargaud

9) Une histoire des Schtroumpfs, tome 37, Les Schtroumpfs, and la machine à rêver, Nine Culliford, De Guest, Diaz Vizoso, Miguel, Alain Jost, based on the characters of Peyo, The Lombard

10) Léonard, tome 50, Génie, vidi, vici!, Turk and Zidrou, The Lombard

A volume, sold for € 17,00, which leads us to the discovery of the many saints that have marked the history, the places and the traditions of France:

Rediscover our heritage in a fun way.

All of our heritage, territorial, culinary or cultural evokes the popular saints: Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Emilion or Saint-Nectaire... These names are very familiar, although their origins are often forgotten or remain obscure...

You know that Martin is the name of a family that is popular in France? Because we invoke St. Anthony of Padua when we lost the keys? “If it rains on Saint-Médard, it rains 40 days after,” says said, who really is this holy of the rain and the good weather?

Including authentic anecdotes or legends, the itineraries that are uplifting and popular cult, this book aims to rediscover the history of the saints through humor bizarre of Laurent Bidot and pen illuminated by the journalist Raphaëlle Simon.

A way to have fun and to discover, finally, the legacy discrete but immense of these exemplary christians.

Orpheus and Eurydice is one of the myths the most famous of Ancient Greece; and finally, this story becomes the protagonist of the series of Ferry, with a single volume:

Love gives wings

The son of the king of Ogres, and of the muse Calliope, Orpheus is a musical genius and poetry. Thanks to his lyre, the gift of the god Apollo, is able to enchant any thing, and even tame the beasts of the wild. Return from an expedition with the Argonauts, he meets Eurydice, falls madly in love. But immediately after their marriage, bella is bitten by a snake, dies instantly and goes to hell. Crazed with grief, Orpheus is ready to do anything to save his beloved, even to get to the heart of the kingdom of Hades if necessary.

Preceded by the myth of Demeter and Persephone (at the origin of the phenomenon of the seasons to the greeks), this new album tells one of the most famous love stories of the world.

Jean-Marc Rochette (texts and drawings), and Matz (text) lead us to the discovery of a volume (€ 18,00), Transperceneige Extionctions 1:

The origins of the series legendary.
On the ground, lifeless and bloody, a group of eco-terrorists radicalizzati decided to accelerate the process of extinction and trigger an apocalypse climate. A visionary chinese billionaire (inspired by the figure of Elon Musk), he decided to confront them. Obsessed by the need to survive for years, he prepared for the worst-case scenario: he has invented an own engine that has a built-in Noah's ark 2.0, The Transperceneige. When the madness of the Apocalypsters triumphs, the train is ready. In the heart of winter, atomic, countdown begins to the ice age and is launched the most recent rescue mission.

The character of Jacques Martin leads us in the adventures of the modern era thanks to Describe and Alvès, with Lune Rouge (€ 11,95):

Lefranc has embarked on a race against time for the conquest of space.
Charged with a mission from the Globe to conduct a survey on a space vehicle experimental, Lefranc is put in contact with Dr. Lukas Eugen Messner. Immediately after their interview, the scientist is kidnapped. Axel Borg is involved in the game? Guy Lefranc is embroiled in a new adventure that will take him from France to Korea.
Is launched the race for space!


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