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Published on May 09, 2019


Five new books dedicated to the satire, to science fiction, to history and to the literature; a range of possibilities from which to choose.

The French president, lately has seen all the colors, especially the yellow, we say; and so is also the object of much satire, given that it is now less untouchable than it was a few years ago:

It was not his project... This is the story of a brilliant young man who has had success in all. As I walked up the stairs of the company, the ambitious man has won everything now: his acting teacher, who became his wife, and his titles – it collects the most prestigious – and millions, accumulated in record time during his career in a bank. In a very short time even managed to conquer the supreme power, the presidency, the face of rivals, opponents and false friends.

The young Macron has reached the summit with a group of young men. by the long teeth, sure, and no scruples. All smiles, nothing resists them. At least what they are called... But here, after the dazzling France, the toy is broken. The mechanics of the new world is fragile, built on sand, on an illusion, and collapses in a very short time, like a castle of cards. We are witnessing the end of the “nation of start-ups”?

Renaud Dély, political journalist and author of satirical cartoons, which tells the story of the company of Tibo Soulcié the story of the end of the system, Macron. A comic book without the previous that is as much fun as shocking to the cynicism of those who (to them) rules.

A life of adventure to the social background is the one that is waiting for us with the new series of Djian, Saint-Dizier and Vincent, which leads us to fly in the skies at the modest price of euro 14.50:

A dream and a destiny to write; the sky is his theatre.

Tuskegee, Alabama, at the end of the years ’40. Bessie Bates is passionate about aviation. Every day, for three years, goes to the airport hoping to take the patent. Pity that Bessie is a woman, and of color. And, in America, in the country, it is difficult for her to pilot a plane... So one day, he receives in the mail-plate of his father, a war hero on the run in Europe, he decides to bet it all to find the tracks. First stop: Paris, where it is seen as a co-pilot from one airline company to transport the goods. Along with the veteran reluctant Lulu, Bessie earn hours of flight time, safety and experience. The sky will be the scene of his destiny... Discover the fate of Liberty Bessie: queen of the skies! A saga loosely based on the exploits of the group of pilots afro-american who has distinguished himself during the Second World War.

Keep the volume on the bad characters (some would call controversial, however) of the story by Dupuis: this time it's up to the man symbol of the French Revolution:

Maximilian Robespierre is one of the leading figures of the French revolution. Is a character still very controversial. In fact, it really has always acted with the utmost fervour from when he was elected a deputy of the third estate in the States General of 1789, and will always take a position to these powerful causes in the democratic: the abolition of the death penalty and slavery, universal suffrage, the regulation of the market.

Nicknamed “the Incorruptible”, will continue his political career in the revolutionary guards. It therefore has a considerable influence on the various political groups: leader of the Jacobins, is in favor of a strong executive power. It is largely through him that will be imposed on the regime of the Terror. In this period of turmoil, the Republic, still very young, seems to be attacked from all sides, both on the part of the revolutionary political moderates, both on the part of royalist declared in. The Vendée is in full insurrection, and the neighbouring Countries seem to gang up the same way. The repression becomes so fierce, with the guillotine which it performs its office between the citizens. Robespierre is one of the defenders most fervent of this repressive policy. The National Convention shall pronounce him permanently banned and will also be beheaded. This book, at the price of € 13,95, with a preface by Patrice Gueniffey, historian, director of studies at the EHESS, offers a glimpse spicy and true on this historical figure.

For the scenaggiatura and the designs of Ludovic Rio here is a saga of science fiction:

When his ship intercepted a distress message, Lexi Neel travels for several years through the galaxy, in the system Alpha-Centauri, at a distance of 4.2 light-years from Earth. Starts a procedure of the sleep, which reinvigorates Lexi. The humanoid responsible to watch over, she explains that the signal originates from a colony of scientific studies some peculiarities of space-time. This research centre is located on the small planet of AIÔN, near to the ship: the protocol provides that the ship ports in the rescue of the colony...

Also here is a complete artist, Claire Bouilhac, gives us a new version comic de The princess of Cleves, the first novel piscologico, who inaugurated a tradition that would take us to Madame Bovary:

Written in 1678 by Madame de La Fayette, “The princess of Clèves” is a novel founder. The young lady of Chartres, takes his first steps in the court of the king of France, Henry II. Between the cabal, gossip and gallantry, he meets love in a universe full of conventions and turns it to his advantage, the ideal female stereotype of the time (solitude, silence, privacy, moderation, decency, and discretion). The plot, therefore, proposes a form of feminism without precedent, in which prevails the self-esteem and reason triumphs over passion.

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