The Journal of the BD – 8 November 2018 –


Published on Nov 08, 2018


After ranking, the best volumes that we expect, including the second volume of Churchill and the new adventure of Michel Vaillant. Complete the Journal of this week's two-volume re-release.

The ranking of the volumes sold from the 22nd to the 28th of October still sees first the new volume of Riad Sattouf, followed by a classic, like the THIRTEENTH, here with the series Mystery. But in the standings we also have other classics, such as the Passengers of The Wind and Thorgal, two works of long-lived, but still very much appreciated by the readers.

1) The Arabic du futur Volume 4, Une jeunesse au Moyen-Orient, 1987-1992, Riad Sattouf, Allary éditions

2) the THIRTEENTH Mystery, Judith Warner, Grenson and Jean Van Hamme, éditions Dargaud

3) Walking Dead, tome 30, Nouvel Ordre mondial!, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano, éditions Delcourt

4) Les Passagers du Vent, tome 8, Le Sang des Cerises, François the elder of two sons, éditions Delcourt

5) Mortelle Adele, tome 15, Funky moumoute, Mr Tan, Diane Le Feyer, Tourbillon collection Globulle

6) Les mondes de Thorgal, tome 8, Kriss de Valnor, The maître de justice, Fred Vignaux, Mathieu Mariolle, and Xavier Dorison, éditions Le Lombard

7) The Arabic du futur tome 1, Une jeunesse au Moyen-Orient (1978-1984), Riad Sattouf, Allary éditions

8) Nains, tome 12, Kardum du Talion , Nicolas Jarry and Stéphane Créty, éditions Soleil

9) Louca tome 6, Confrontations , Bruno Dequier, éditions Dupuis

10) Roger et ses humains tome 2 , Paka, and Cyprien, les éditions Dupuis

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