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Published on Apr 23, 2020


Also in this week of lockdown, we see 5 classic, this time from the science fiction:

Christophe Bec and the various designers that have taken place in the course of the 18 volumes offer a complex sci-fi saga, published in the original by Soleil.

A series of inexplicable events disrupts the Earth. These phenomena affect all over the globe, day after day, at the same time: the 13:13. What is their origin? While everywhere the planes fall and the apocalypse is crashing down on the planet, the future of humanity seems to fall suddenly in the darkest shadows. That our civilization has arrived at the terminus?

The series mixes science, religion, conspiracy theories, superstition, and the real events. Writer Christophe Bec was inspired from the literature the pseudo-science of the ’60s and ’70s. His influences visual come from the works of science fiction The war of the Worlds, 2001: a space Odyssey and the films of John Carpenter. In Italy to Mondadori Comics.

Yoko Tsuno is a comic book series of adventure and science-fiction, created in September 1970, by the author of the belgian Roger Leloup. The series introduces the eponymous heroine Yoko Tsuno, an electrical engineer, japanese.

Yoko Tsuno was initially considered to be a secondary character in Jacky et Célestin, a series that Peyo wanted to entrust to Roger Leloup. The latter made a sketch, on Christmas 1968, as a young japanese woman who joined the duo.

A year later, while the editions Dupuis looking for a series to be published both in the Journal de Spirou on the German magazine Eltern (“Parents”), Leloup presented his plan to detect Jacky et Célestin, who was rejected because the editor preferred to see new characters.

The series is focused on Yoko Tsuno, an electrical engineer of japanese origin, and is aided by his friends, Vic and Pol. The stories take place both in realistic environments contemporary Europe and elsewhere, that in alien landscapes.

Venezuela, 1938. Lost at the age of twelve years in the amazon jungle, Brice is saved by a mysterious traveler, Jouve Deméril. For weeks, keeps it with himself before admitting the truth: the genius sociologist of Soror, the planet belongs to a system called Helios, was forced into exile. He remained on the Earth only to save the boy.

After a space flight two decades in hibernation, they both landed on Soror. When Brice wakes up in the body of a teenager. The war is burning the whole system and the forces involved want to recover Jouve to their advantage. Brice follows this adoptive father in his flight across the continent.

Arrived at the Grand Croix, the capital multiracial and colorful, Brice attends the school, while Jouve comes in contact with the opposition. The teenager grows along with friendships and loves. Wanting to shine with this scope, the father, embarks on a dangerous activism. His plans are interrupted by the oppression of power: for Jouve and his allies, came the hurried flight to the second continent sororeano.

Alexis Stentenac joins the pen of the novelist Laurent Genefort to immerse ourselves in an odyssey to the edge of the universe, inspired by so much of Avatar as Mathieu Lauffray.

Aurélien Ducoudray (lyrics), Bruno Bessadi (drawings) and Fabien Alquier (colors) introduce us to a story futuristic for Glénat (euro 19,95).

USA, 2035. Eight years after the nuclear apocalypse. No one knows who, why or how three-quarters of the United States were devastated. Just a strip of cross from New York to California has been preserved from the nuclear winter. In this America, devastated, as thousands of other survivors, John and his daughter Grace roam the streets trying to go south to find food, work and a warmer climate.

But Grace is not a girl like the others. She is what is called a child of the bomb: a mutant, a monster covered with hair, armed with fangs and sharp claws. But a monster who loves dolls, sweets and stories before going to bed. When they hear talk of a center-to-measure children as she, John and Grace decide to make every effort to get there... and discover the reality behind this legend.

Amazing Grace is a post-apocalyptic tale that explores the remains of a society destroyed, and the initiatory journey of a young girl in the throes of rejection and difference. The wanderings of a father and a daughter in an America in ruins.

XXVIII century of the galactic. The humans are grouped by personality types on planets monochromatic dedicated to unique functions: spirituality, trade, quiet enjoyment, war, work, order, and creativity. This social organization based on the ancient theories of the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, has allowed the eradication of human conflicts by bringing together people who share the same values.

But in this universe so perfect, the mysterious guide and immortal of the Segments are concerned: an epidemic of the incomprehensible sterility is progressing and there is only little time to find a cure before humanity is condemned to death.

In a courtroom, the indolent Loth Lungren and the sensual Jezréel meet to be processed. Those who have refused to indulge in unbridled sex and drugs, although he was in the world of enjoyment, who, for not having joined his garrison. Convicted after a trial kafkaesque, they will try to escape from the galaxy, neurotic...

Gimenez, the legendary designer de La Caste of the Méta-Barons resumes his brushes, virtuous, and joins forces with one of the most talented writers of his generation, Richard Malka, who this time choose the prism of science fiction to reflect on the human condition.

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