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Published on Dec 05, 2019


This week in particular, the last volume of the Lastman and the second box set of John and Solfamì.

In the near future, when an epidemic called the “Great Effort” devastated most of humanity, a race of extraterrestrial enigmatic came to settle on our planet.

Of various shapes, sizes and attributes, nobody knows where they come from these “intruders” or what their purpose because they do not interact with humans. What is known, however, is that the closeness to a few of them can cause reactions on the individuals and their environment: nausea, hysteria, migraine...

In the face of this, humanity is thus divided into 3 categories: those that have decided to adapt and co-exist with this new species; and those who have chosen to resist recruiting with force everyone they meet to their cause; and those who adore them, seeing their arrival, the manifestation of a divine intervention.

In the midst of the turmoil, Andrew, convinced he's lost his entire family, he found refuge in a peaceful community. Does not know that his daughter, Amanda, is still alive... and that for her part, has begun to live with a band of resistance fighters particularly violent.

Sylvain Runberg and Marcial Toledano revisit the narrative of the invasion to give us the portrait of a humanity lost in front of the greatest threat: itself. With Les Dominants, the end of the world is more sad that the spectacular and the violence of men, it vibrates both in their flesh and in their souls.

The second exit of “The great library”, dedicated to “Johan et Pirlouit” (from us much more known as John and Solfamì) includes all the stories, imagined and drawn by the author between 1955 and 1957, 3 complete albums and 6 short stories published in various publications such as Spirou.

In this volume we find stories like The oath of the vikings and The source of, among other things already presented in the Integral, published in Italy by RW Editions.

The volume has 330 pages format Italian giant on a beautiful matte paper. The cards are presented such as when Peyo was working at the time.

The price is € 79,00.

Six years after his first volume, Lastman comes to its conclusion!
Richard returns for one last trip in the Valley of the Kings, for the enemy was intimate: the First Man who crosses the border ethereal. The past and the present, Life and death, order and chaos are mixed for a final apocalyptic event of which no one can predict the outcome. One thing is certain: “be Careful who you move too far away from the hot breath of the queen of Iguana...”

The volume, published by Casterman of Balak, Sanlaville and Vivès, it costs eur 12.50.

In Italy the series is published by Bao.

“Tanguy and Laverdure”, with “Blackbeard” and “Asterix,” is one of the comic strips were born in the first issue of ‘Pilote’ (29 October 1959) and is still among us. To celebrate as just the 60 years of the heroes of Jean-Michel Charlier and Albert Uderzo, this album incorporates, as a facsimile, the 84 tables de “L'école des Aigles”, as they were published in the newspaper for the first time. A wonderful opportunity for fans of the duo's most famous aviators of the comics franco-belgian!

The Adventures of Tanguy and Laverdure (Les Aventures de Tanguy et Laverdure) has as its protagonists two imaginary pilots of the French air force, Michel Tanguy and Ernest Laverdure. The series is considered a milestone of the comic book in French and was translated and published in many languages, including German, Dutch, Danish, indonesian, English and Italian. They were then made of the two transpositions television, the first in the sixties, the knights of The sky and the second, Les Nouveaux Chevaliers du Ciel, at the end of the eighties.

On the shore of the sea, the heart of Dona Emilia, the Scuebo browse peacefully on the ship of the captain of The Loya. However, the mean winds carry the unfortunate to cross the path of the crew of the dreaded Barracuda. The rich passengers are taken prisoner by the greedy pirates of Blackdog, their leader. The old captain, much as violent as cunning, and it makes immediately the account of the profit that may be gained from the prisoners so prestigious. On the island the ill-fated Puerto Blanco, a dank den of parasites, marine, Blackdog sells to the price of gold the lives of Dona Scuebo, his daughter, the beautiful Mary and their young valet, while all focus on a new project: go in search of the treasure of Scuebo. The fates of the one of the other are woven around the same search: the diamond Kashar, a jewel of the treasure of the family Scuebo.

The six volumes of the series are presented for the first time in one magnificent volume, complete with a cover only and an extra 8 pages. All for € 34,99.

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