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Published on Jul 04, 2019


Happy birthday to Glénat, which celebrated 50 years of publications; then to The Patient, the new volume of Timothé Le Boucher, known author in Italy, and in the new volume of Alix. Let's move then in the West and in Prehistory.


Timothé Le Boucher is back with a new thriller, after having delighted with The days that disappear (in Italy for Bao). The tome of Glénat is on sale for euro 25,00.

What need to remember that we lived in hell?

The police shut down a girl who wanders the road, covered in blood, with a knife in hand. On the way back to his house, the agents discover with horror a scene of the massacres: his whole family was killed... Six years later, Pierre Grimaud, the sole survivor of the “massacre of the rue des Corneilles”, wakes up from a deep coma. The teenager fifteen-year-old at the time of the accident, is now a man of 21 years. Disoriented, still paralyzed and suffering from amnesia partial, is helped by dr. Anna Kieffer, a psychologist specialized in criminology and issues of victimology. During their sessions, Anna tries to remember the circumstances of the drama, despite his loss of memory. Pierre evokes the mysterious presence of a “man in black” who haunts his dreams, a likely response unconscious to his trauma. After several meetings, Anna discovers a sensitive person and very intelligent. Touched by her story, he begins even to feel affection. Little by little, a real complicity is established between them. But Anna cannot imagine how this patient will change his life...

After Those days that disappear, Timothe Le Boucher returns with a book that demonstrates once again his unparalleled narrative skills. In a vein more realistic, The Patient is a psychological thriller of surprising, that suggests some of the themes of the author's favourite: the relationship with the other, the notion of time, identity and memory.

Marc Bourgne and Didier Pagot have an adventure in the Far West, in the wars between indians and whites (Glénat, euro 13,90).

A romantic adventure in the heart of the indian wars

West. April 1873. Taken refuge in the home of the “Missouri”, Diane receives secretly the visit of the nephew of Sitting Bull, Red Leaf. Before being caught, and feels that his uncle plans to attack the day after! At the height of the attack, Diane, took advantage of the chaos to free Red Leaf and run away with him and her newborn. While the indians play the retreat, Diane joins them and enters into the tribe. If you want to be able to live with the Red Leaf, the man she loves, this must take her to wife. Diane is preparing to become the wife of a leader of the tribe. For the first time for a white...

A tribute great for a birthday that is not less than: the publishing house Glénat celebrated 50 years of business, and celebrates them with a volume ad-hoc (20.00 euro):

An author is knocking at the door of the editions Glénat... From this point of departure, anything can happen! A challenge to the narrative that the different authors of the house Glénat decided to collect. Realistic situations, incredible, dreams with open eyes, advances... each one tells the story, in his imagination, in 2 pages, an adventure of which the editions Glénat are the theatre. The prestigious names in the world of comics, of comics and manga, share their art at the service of the publishing house they helped to write the story.

In 2019, Glénat celebrates 50 years of creations. 50 years of publication, 50 years of passion that this book – with a beautiful cover of Nicolas Pétrimaux – tells the story in a way that is as original as it is bold. The unique gift for a birthday no less.

A new volume of the Alix by Jacques Martin, here it is in its adult version. The volume, also in a deluxe version will be released on the 21st of August for € 13,95.

Poisons, feelings, and rivalry do not mix. Back from Petra, Alix discovers the frightened roman capital. Strange murders bloody the streets up to the point that the panic overcomes even the imperial guard. Some accuse the lepers, the other the east, but August knows that the truth is elsewhere. Refusing to give in to the terror of the environment, Alix goes on the trail of the ghosts of Rome. Without suspecting that their contact with them could become very dangerous.

Bocquet and Cossu are arrived at volume 5 of the adventures of our young time traveller (Dupuis, € 10,95).

Following an eruption, the entire tribe took refuge on a tree trunk, a boat of fortune, to escape the anger of the volcano. As Franck is the last to have seen Leonard and Gargoyles, all the accused left them to die... And fails to explain that they were sent in the XXI century through the lake by which he arrived himself in the prehistory! Franck did not have the time to recover from all these revelations is taken prisoner by a tribe of cannibals led by a leader, the cruel, whose daughter is an old acquaintance of our hero...


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