The Journal of the BD – 19 July 2018 –


Published on Jul 19, 2018


A great loss has hit the world of comic French.

Finished the World cup there remains that “consolation” with cycling, talking about the Tour de France and the Tour of Belgium (Belgium Tour officially, in order not to do wrong to any linguistic group).

Finally, we discover two new volumes of the series already established.

Another great author of BD that leaves us with: Frank Giroud, born may 3, 1956 in Toulouse, passed away on July 13, 2018.

from wikipedia

His real name was Frank Norbert Henri Giroud-Bit, but all in the world of comics knew him semplicememnte as Frank Giroud, who won in 1977, the competition for the École nationale des chartes, which however, did not end the courses, and took the diploma of archivist paleografo, retreating.

After earning a Master's degree in History (1981), he taught this discipline at Milan, then on to Grenoble, and has accompanied numerous tours, which have allowed him to know many Countries and cultures. Very young, writes for comics and is completely dedicated to the work of the writer since the success of Louis la Guigne.

Worthy of note are also his forays into the world of the song for the singer and paroliera French Juliette in the album Assassins sans in small doses.

Participated in the book Femmes of the painter Franck Ayroles.

Certainly his most famous, even at the international level is the creation of the universe de Le Décalogue (in Italy for Editoriale Cosmo), with The Décalogue, The Légataire and Les Fleury-Nadal.

Among the other series we remember Azrayen’, The Avocat, Le Cercle de Minsk, Les Champs d'azur and Destins.

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