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Published on Jun 13, 2019


Great success for Blake and Mortimer, but let's not forget the great return of a famous runner...

This week we talk about a ranking that is not that of the sales in the category of the comic, but that sales of books in general, given that there is a comic in the first place (in the ranking Amazon French occupies the second, but all the same): we're talking about Le Dernier Pharaon, the last adventure of Blake and Mortimer, printed in 250.000 copies in its first edition.

This not only demonstrates the fame of the characters, which had certainly not in need of these tests in the rest, but also of the fact that a comic classic can still tell her if there sits on a stantìa repetition of the same clichés.

As far as the story, unfolds in a Brussels post-1950, where strange radiation coming from the Palace of Justice make the city a no man's land. Captain Francis Blake and professor Philip Mortimer meet to investigate this amazing phenomenon that threatens to wipe out all computer data on the Ground. An enigma that will cause them to sink back years to the times of “The mystery of the Great Pyramid”, one of their first adventures.

This volume (the third of the series that tells the adventures of Saint-Exupéry, the aviator) of Glénat, written by Saint-Dizier and designed by Fernandez was released yesterday for € 13,90.

In each flight the wind is your ally... or your worst enemy

October, 1929. Appointed head of the traffic to Aeroposta Argentina, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry airport and arrives at Buenos Aires. Its mission is to extend the line to the Patagonia, just as the night flights are becoming increasingly popular and the competition is getting stronger. During his stay, working on a novel that has for topic the night and the wind, both opponents that the aviators argentines are often faced with, especially when it comes to fly over the Andes. But the 1929 economic crisis will shake the colossus with feet of clay, that is Aeroposta. Nothing will be as before...

Corbeyran and Francisco Ruizgé lead us in the environments of the underworld with this second volume, more of Glénat and always sold at the price of euro 13,90.

Nectar poisoned...

The head of a small vineyard in the Mendoza region of Argentina, Guillermo Cuchillo receives one day an ominous message, put it under his door, informing him that a dose of strychnine was injected in a vineyard of its fields. The message is not signed. Guillermo is destroyed because he knows that a dose of poison can contaminate a whole crop. His harvest is ruined. Who is behind this malevolent action? It's the same person responsible for the disappearance of the beautiful Elena, a girl of good family? Guillermo has several tracks, and so decides to lead the investigation...

The authors of the Bodegas close to the best of their saga.

The great return of Michel Vaillant in Formula 1 is the protagonist of volume 8 of the new series dedicated to the creature of Graton, on sale at euro 25,00; a volume a little bit special... 13 days.

The great return of Michel Vaillant in F1 after 14 years of waiting! While the team Vaillante is just back to the success at the Macau Grand Prix in F3, Michel is called by the Renault F1 to compete in the Grand Prix de France... between thirteen days. A preparation difficult to wait for him and, above all, a risky gamble. Because if he wins the race, the brand Vaillante will be entitled to return, but, in case of failure... This edition in the limited edition “work in progress” is proposed on the occasion of the Grand Prix de France Formula 1 on the circuit Paul Ricard. Composed storyboards and black and white pages, it offers a bonus of 24 pages with 3 short stories of Jean Graton. These stories were commissioned by Paul Ricard, the creator of the Circuit, in the early ’70s and published in the mini-album is distributed free of charge. The album itself is due out on the 6th of September 2019.

In the midst of the Cold War, Buck, Sonny and Tumbler driving a transaction on behalf of the CIA, they had to bring their vehicles damaged somewhere in the Eastern Bloc.

While they seek in every way to come back in the West, they discover a terrible secret hidden in microfilm, that will their plans.

Will have to break up, Buck will be going more to the east in soviet territory toward a base mysterious while Sonny and Tumbler will attempt, on their part, to inform their headquarters of this dangerous threat.

Our three board of the Navy will be pushed to the center of a chess game whose participants are the KGB, the Stasi, the CIA, and... Lady X!

You can find the volume from July 5 to € 14.00.



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