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Published on Sep 12, 2019


New week and new volumes: let's start with a new volume of Conan of Glénat, which, remember, is also available in Italy, in part thanks to Edizioni Star Comics.

On 18 September, comes a new volume devoted to the Conan of Robert E. Howard, with writer Régis Hautière and the artists Olivier Vatine and Didier Cassegrain: Red Nails, the last story is dedicated to Conan (euro 14,50).

Conan, a mercenary who lends his sword to the highest bidder, land in the region of Darfar, whose territory is almost entirely covered by a huge forest. With the fierce warrior woman, Valeria, and after a battle against a terrible dragon, the Cimmero goes to a strange walled city, seemingly deserted. But the duo will find out quickly that a civilization lives hidden inside, and that the citadel seems to hide a heavy secret...

Red nails is probably one of the most beloved stories and sophisticated than Conan. Howard says her style, persisting in his lack of faith in the modern civilizations, which were consumed by the liabilities, by the laxity and cruelty. Régis Hautière, Olivier Vatine, and Didier Cassegrain give substance to this suffocating vision in a beautiful album color.

A new volume only for Glénat leads us to deepen the life of Zola and his involvement in the affair Dreyfus (€22.00).

Born in 1840, Emile Zola is not only one of the greatest writers of the pantheon of the French. He is also the author of a life committed to, just like his work. From his childhood in Aix-en-Provence, raised alone by his mother, from the age of 7 years he quickly nurtured an aversion to social injustice and the need to denounce it with the words. His first literary success the positioned, logically, as the head of the naturalists. Emile Zola tells the story to the real world, takes the defence of the weak, painters and poets; defeats of the Second Empire, the moral order of Thiers. Zola is not only a writer, he's a fighter. And it is then that the author attends, horrified, to the judicial torture of captain Dreyfus and that the side political of his work takes on another dimension...

Centered on the life of Émile Zola and his involvement in the affair Dreyfus, this charming graphic novel, written by Jean-Charles Chapuzet and drawn by four hands by Vincent Gravé (storyboard) and Christophe Girard (storyboard, sketches and colours), we are immersed with the force in the turbulent years of the Second Empire in order to perceive better, behind the life of the mythical writer, the struggle of man.

Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d ' Éon de Beaumont, known as Chevalier d Éon was a famous spy of the French, already the focus of other works in comics; here's a new version for Glénat (euro 14,50).

1753, Ruffec. The Prince of Conti, cousin of the king Louis XV, and the count of Broglie discuss a matter of utmost importance: the creation of the first secret service of the Kingdom of France, on the orders of his Majesty. During their discussions, the gaze of the prince lingers on Charles d'eon, son of a nobleman who fell into disgrace and is now under the protection of Broglie. A brilliant young man, and in the management of language than in that of the arms, is strangely androgynous... they Will see again later, to Versailles, where the Accounts of the proposes to enter in his cabinet black that you just created: the Secret of the king. For the mission that he wants to entrust to him, the knight d'eon is the ideal candidate, in addition to his talents, and his features, because he will have to pretend to be... a woman!

A man of letters, official, diplomat, transvestite... the Knight d'eon was one of the first spies of the history of France and one of the most brilliant and contradictory of the eighteenth century. Arnaud Delalande (Viravolta), Simona Mogavino (Aliénor) and Alessio Lapo, specialists in historical comics, tell us about his incredible destiny.

The volume 37 of the works of Hermann (Dupuis, euro 12,50) brings us into an atmosphere very little bucolic...

When Jeremiah and Kurdy arrive in a village lost, surrounded by meadows where sheep graze, they only want a drink and, if possible, get a game of poker in the first bar they find.
But the agricultural lands of the area are nothing more than an immense heath was left uncultivated, and sparsely visited by the shepherds. Wild animals and wild beasts have ravaged the herds and attacked the humans for some time.
Virna, a young shepherdess, leads the two at the family ranch. While the two men thought to stay there only one night, they find themselves immersed in the full war of the territory. A part of the population decides to sell their land to a rich owner of a local, while some farmers want to continue to graze their flocks. But the wolves leave them little choice. And once the fog has fallen, there is a giant beast that decimated the sheep and their guardians.
For the eyes of the wonderful Virna, Jeremiah will stand and fight to win a battle in a war that seems already lost.

Casterman presents to us the third volume of Signs, the series that tells the story of the creatures born from the Earth, to defend it against its enemies... (Casterman, euro 23,00 (September 25).

In this third volume, we will have to do with the pace of catch-up, where we are always looking for the extraordinary fate of the epifaniani; this time our heroes are confronted with a wave of the giants from the bowels of the earth; Ludovic Debeurme reveals the ambitions of the revolutionary of this fantastic story. Taking on the theme of the immanence of social and environmental issues related to an economic system that admits of no pause, the author and his characters are moved to indicate the urgent need to reinvent ourselves individually, and then collectively, to imagine the world of tomorrow.

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